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Best boards for tech recruitment in 2022

The software development industry is a jungle when it comes to hiring and recruitment. Even the best tech companies sometimes have a deficit of quality developers, and have to turn to alternative ways to source employees and make their tech jobs the number one priority for job seekers.

Of course, this deficit of workforce created a huge market opportunity for IT staffing and sourcing, including many job sites that operate globally.

We picked some that we think could be viable candidates for your job postings, regardless of whether you need to get a full-time employed software engineer or have gig job opportunities to offer to freelancers.


It comes as no surprise that LinkedIn can make an amazing asset in hiring software engineers and popularizing your job listing.

Seeing it as a social media devoted to career growth and networking, LinkedIn makes the perfect place for sourcing potential employees and nurturing professional relationships.

On top of that, it also indexes users’ profiles, so it’s easy to use it even as an SEO tool for your company’s marketing efforts.

Sponsoring jobs on this website can be a bit pricey, but the silver lining is that it is meant to be used for networking purposes. Even if you don’t find the right candidate, you’ll still build up your following.

Stack Overflow

Stack Overflow is a technology-focused job posting platform. It's become a popular way for tech professionals and companies to network with one another. Its job listings include a wealth of corporate data, making it one of the most convenient ways to narrow down any employment search.

It's a simple-to-use, tech-specific job posting site that's widely regarded as one of the greatest places to look for top tech talent.

For your job postings, you can purchase "Featured Listings" or "Top Spots." The former prominently displays your job openings on the site, near the top of the job search results. The latter places your jobs above banner adverts.


GitHub is a website designed exclusively for programmers. You can utilize the platform to work on software engagements with your peers or to look for open job possibilities in the marketplace. Because so many web developers utilize it, corporations and project managers also use it to find new talent on a daily basis.

Additionally, IT jobs on GitHub are time-sensitive, so a shorter listing may be advantageous.

GitHub is undeniably a place where data and software engineers spend a significant amount of time online. This alone qualifies it as one of the most effective employment boards for developers.


As far as job search sites for freelancers are concerned, Upwork is definitely the most popular and wide-scale website there is. And there is no shortage of developers on it for sure.

However, it is more oriented towards gig jobs and professionals that charge by the hour. So, if you’re looking for a long-term employee, there are better, more niche platforms where you can find devoted engineers.


Indeed is yet another place where you can find any sort of job or professional listings. And the software industry is no exception. On top of that, Indeed has a great tool that allows users to see what is the average salary per industry, location, or position, and that makes it a popular network for professionals of all backgrounds.

Indeed also has local websites in different languages, which makes it easier to post local authentic jobs that people can find in their respective countries.


You might think that it’s immodest to just include ourselves in this list, right? Well, the truth is that as far as vetted and devoted developers versed in many different technologies go, we believe that no one does it better than Proxify.

Proxify boasts more than 1000 developers that are experts in their tech stack, sometimes coming from niche industries. We feature engineers from all over the world, and we match them based on a number of factors with the perfect company.

These are the biggest perks of hiring with Proxify.

Benefits of working with Proxify

The cost of sourcing, interviewing, advertising and onboarding developers in traditional employment can be overwhelmingly expensive in the long run. With our service, you just pay developers by the hour, and everything else is handled by our professional team of recruiters, community managers and interviewers.

On top of that, you can hire in a few days, pay no termination costs, and the developers are quality assured so you don’t have to worry about having the wrong fit!

Slack at Work

Did you know that you can post free job ads on Slack if your company already uses its paid plan? Well, now you do!

Slack is the favorite communication tool of many agile companies, so having a free option to post jobs among its many users comes as a nice bonus advantage.


JustTechJobs is a tech-focused employment board with a clean design and robust search capabilities. Many job listings, career research assistance, resumé and interview guidance, and precise compensation estimates are all available on the site to assist you in determining accurate salary expectations.


For software developers seeking remote work, Remotive is a fantastic resource. It includes a basic job search function that allows you to find job openings instantly. Although it isn't as vast as some of its competitors, you can almost certainly uncover some unique opportunities.


TechCrunch's employment platform, CrunchBoard, is regularly used by numerous tech companies to fill vacant positions. The site provides a user-friendly layout and often updated job ads for software engineers and other IT professionals.

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