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News about AI tools in 2023

The research was based on a sample from Proxify's network of global developers. It aims to uncover the best applications of AI tools and how developers use them to do their job better and quicker. The results showed compelling insights into the application of AI tools in everyday software development.

Proxify CCO William Svedström talks about the importance of AI guidance

“We are witnessing a significant increase in the adoption of AI tools that complement developers' natural workflows without replacing them. With the productivity increases we've seen software engineers gain when using AI tools, it is of the utmost importance that we at Proxify make sure our developers have the right training and tools to ultimately create more value for our clients.” says Proxify’s CCO William Svedström.

AI tools increase productivity for developers by up to 20%

The most interesting insight Proxify’s team found is that the use of AI tools can boost productivity by up to 20%. When applied to everyday tasks that developers find time-consuming in a practical way, AI tools helped developers to save up to 12 hours per week, in some instances.

Furthermore, 91% of all developers are planning on using AI tools more in the future, showing a strong indication that the use of AI in software development is set to increase even further.

Proxify also noticed a willingness among developers to learn more about AI and decided to empower their developers with knowledge and licenses to stay at the forefront of cutting-edge technologies.

“Proactive energy management and focus are two of the most overlooked problems in remote work settings. AI-powered tools like GitHub Copilot can help improve productivity and protect cognitive energy” says Proxify’s Developer Success Lead Catalina Daniela Istrate.

The research findings are hugely encouraging for those seeking to utilize AI in their daily workflows. AI is not here to replace developers but can instead be used to enhance their performance and enable them to create even better software. By removing the repetitive tasks developers often have to remove from their daily to-dos, AI tools allow them the time to focus on solving more complex problems and designing more creative solutions.

About Proxify

Proxify is an award-winning company helping 1,200+ clients hire developers from around the globe.

The service unlocks the potential of global tech teams and connects the world's best developers with the opportunities they deserve. Proxify's developer network only allows the top 2% of applicants to join and operates a rigorous process to match developers with clients.

Proxify developers have worked over 1.4 million hours for clients since the company launched in 2018. Some of the clients it serves are Electronic Arts, Electrolux, Pearson, KONE, Essity, and Education First.

In 2022, Proxify received an investment of SEK 50 million to continue its expansion across Europe and North America.

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