Proxify and its client managers as successful mediators between developers and clients

At Proxify, we always strive to provide the best top talent service to clients that need to hire developers, and not only that, but we guarantee the success behind the developers’ expertise through an extensive assessment before the work begins.

Still, there is a slight chance that a particular developer might not be up to par for a specific client and engagement, despite extensive assessments and vettings. This is not, nor will be, an obstacle to receiving the excellent Proxify services since our dedicated teams working in every department give a 100% to resolving matters of this kind in an efficient and fast way, leaving the customer satisfied with the services in the end.

At any time, a client with a concern in mind or comments regarding services provided by a developer can and should contact Proxify and our client managers. We respond at the fastest pace possible, and there is always a client manager that responds as soon as possible, most professionally and positively, and starts to work on resolving an issue that is reported.

As mentioned above, it is unlikely that a client would have any complaints regarding the services provided by the developers in our network. Even when the match is not the perfect fit, we take processes exceptionally seriously, as described below.

We prevent issues from the start by offering a free and extended trial period

A free trial period that we provide is precisely for the mentioned reasons — in case the developer is not a perfect match at the very beginning, the client has zero fees and costs toward the service provider, or us in this case.

We strongly believe that the client should not pay if they are not satisfied with the services, but at the same time, we ensure and give our best not to come to any sort of dissatisfaction in the first place.

The client managers discuss the matter with the developer

As expected, the appointed or contacted client manager immediately reaches the developer that was assigned with the task/engagement for the client. We inquire about the reasons and check the validity of both sides. We consider all information we receive and responses about them to compare and evaluate how to deal with the situation.

From there onward, the client managers keep close contact with the client and developer. We evaluate the hours worked/reported, the service provided, and the product expected to be delivered.

Then, we see the timeframe that was assigned as the deadline for the developer and all factors alike, without exception. We take further steps accordingly with a clear perspective based on evidence, answers, calls, and communication between clients and developers.

We assign the engagements/tasks to a new developer from our developer base

Should it come to the situation where the developer has not given a maximum or did not show to be up to par for the client and their engagements, we assign a new developer from our network immediately. The developer, of course, will work full-time, part-time, or task-based, as the client needs it initially. On both ends, the work-life balance is respected to let everyone be satisfied with the work they do and receive.

In this case, when a new developer is appointed, we extend the trial period, which is the default included option from the start (as mentioned in the sections above). In this way, we need to ensure the client is truly satisfied with Proxify’s services and does not lose time, resources, or deadlines initially set with the previous developer.

The takeaway

Numerous testimonials speak for the quality of Proxify and all of our employees, teams, and developers.

Nurturing a company culture drives us as a goal not to just take pride in what we do but also to contribute to superb quality in the IT industry in general.

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