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Alexander B.

Software Engineer

Alexander is a talented software engineer with over 12 years of commercial experience, showcasing a diverse career across various industries. Recently, he has focused on DeFi and Blockchain, while also making significant contributions in fintech, IoT, image processing, and network security sectors.

One of Alexander's proudest achievements is developing a Rust SDK for Android and iOS. This project highlighted his exceptional technical skills and dedication as he created key components such as a Rust-based network layer, cross-compilation for Android/iOS, and an efficient CI/CD pipeline from scratch.

Looking forward, Alexander is excited to further his career in DeFi and blockchain, while also nurturing a growing interest in AI and machine learning.

Main expertise
  • Rust
    Rust 3 years
  • C++
    C++ 10 years
    REST API 5 years
Other skills
  • JavaScript
    JavaScript 3 years
  • TypeScript
    TypeScript 2 years
  • SQL
    SQL 2 years
Alexander B.


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Selected experience


  • Rust Developer - 1 year 4 months

    • Implemented functionality in Rust for monitoring the state of smart contracts deployed on the Polygon, an Ethereum-compatible blockchain
    • Initiated the liquidation of risky positions to protect the funds of lenders
    • Triggered calls to smart contract methods to perform liquidation, execute limit orders, and stop-loss/take-profit orders
    • Utilized tools such as Rust, Tokio,, ethers.js, abigen, async-trait, error-stack,, and cargo make for the development and execution of tasks


    • Technologies:
    • Rust Rust
    • Blockchain Blockchain
    • Docker Docker
  • Software Engineer (Rust)

    Yalantis - 6 months

    • Implemented asynchronous socket API bindings between Rust and mobile platforms, specifically for Android Kotlin API and iOS Swift API, using UniFFI foreign-language bindings declared with Interface Definition Language
    • Integrated a dynamic Rust library for Android Kotlin projects into GitLab CI, configuring it to utilize a private Maven package registry
    • Cross-compiled Rust UniFFI interfaces for native Android targets (arm64, armeabi, x86, x86_64)
    • Set up a GitLab CI pipeline to generate and deploy the Android Maven package to the private Maven registry
    • Integrated the Android native library with the Rust code into the Kotlin project
    • Utilized tools including Rust, Tokio, Tonik, Hyper, uniffi-rs, and cargo make for development and deployment tasks


    • Technologies:
    • Rust Rust
    • Git Git
    • iOS iOS
    • Docker Docker
    • Kotlin Kotlin
    • Swift Swift
    • Android Android
  • Software Engineer

    NDA - 2 years 2 months

    • Implemented table and query-processing logic using TypeScript and Rust
    • Developed a TypeScript and QML API to facilitate user connectivity to a data stream from multiple tables and provided query and data visualization capabilities through a user interface
    • Maintained a serialization-deserialization layer in Rust, bridging the backend with an Abstract Syntax Tree (AST) and native Qt objects represented as QTableModels, leveraging the qmetaobject crate
    • Created a library of custom QML controls aimed at enhancing user experience (UX) and expanding functionality
    • Utilized tools such as QML, TypeScript, Rust, qmetaobject, serde, C++11, Qt Framework, and CMake for development and project implementation


    • Technologies:
    • Rust Rust
    • TypeScript TypeScript
    • C++ C++
    • Qt Qt


  • MSc.Informational-control Systems and Technologies

    National Metallurgical Academy of Ukraine · 2008 - 2009

  • BSc.Informational-control Systems and Technologies

    National Metallurgical Academy of Ukraine · 2006 - 2008

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