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David A.

DevOps Engineer

David is a seasoned Fullstack Software Engineer and DevOps expert with over six years of experience. With a strong passion for DevOps, web, and mobile development, he brings extensive expertise and innovative thinking to every project.

David aspires to drive innovation in startups or dynamic companies, leveraging his deep knowledge and collaborating with skilled colleagues. His experience has honed his ability to craft multifaceted technical solutions across diverse software platforms, making him a valuable asset for any innovative venture.

Main expertise
  • Ansible
    Ansible 2 years
  • API 5 years
  • AWS
    AWS 4 years
Other skills
  • SASS
    SASS 3 years
  • Angular
    Angular 2 years
  • WordPress
    WordPress 2 years
David A.


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Selected experience


  • Cloud & DevOps Engineer

    AGYLA.CLOUD - 9 months

    • Automating PTI with Ansible
    • Structuring the project according to Ansible guidelines
    • Setting up Ansible playbooks and roles for automation
    • Documentation of the automation execution procedure
    • Deployment of project management & Ticketing tools (Redmine) on the Landing Zone
    • Management and creation of different accounts on AWS with AWS Organization and Control Tower & AFT
    • Setting up SCP and Configs for AWS accounts
    • Deployment of QuickSight dashboard and configuration for cost and service dashboard overview and monitoring.


    • Technologies:
    • Ansible Ansible
    • AWS AWS
    • Linux Linux
    • Terraform Terraform
  • DevOps Engineer

    Orange France (Viaccess Orca) - 5 months

    • Vmware provisioning on Vsphere
    • Technical support for infrastructure-related issues
    • High Availability deployment of Kubernetes clusters
    • Deploying stateless and stateful apps on the Kubernetes cluster
    • Provisioning of Vmware instances on Vsphere via Terraform scripts
    • High Availability deployment of k8s clusters using Terraform and Ansible to on-premises Documentation of access to infrastructures deployed on confluence(Jira)
    • Backlog management on Jira
    • Set up GitLab CI/CD pipelines for continuous integration and image versioning on the private AWS ECR repository
    • Installation and configuration of GitLab Runner for Continuous Deployments


    • Technologies:
    • Ansible Ansible
    • Kubernetes Kubernetes
    • Terraform Terraform
  • DevOps Engineer

    AFRIQASOFT - 1 year

    • Maintain the project in operational condition in each environment (Development, Staging, Production)
    • SCM management on Gitlab
    • Deployment of the various Microservices within the GKE cluster
    • Administration of the Kubernetes cluster on GCP (GKE)
    • Managed project versioning using Git and handled Kubernetes and Terraform manifests and ensuring smooth deployment across different environments, including Dev, staging, and production
    • Reviewed and optimized the CI/CD pipelines on GitLab, ensuring efficient deployment on Google Cloud Platform (GCP) and Google Kubernetes Engine (GKE)
    • Monitored the Kubernetes cluster and oversaw the deployment of applications, ensuring their stability and performance
    • Documentation of every issue resolved and the process on Confluence
    • Installation and configuration of GitLab Runner for CD management
    • Frontend & Backend team support


    • Technologies:
    • Ansible Ansible
    • AWS AWS
    • DevOps DevOps
    • Docker Docker
    • Git Git
    • Kubernetes Kubernetes
    • Node.js Node.js
    • Python Python
    • Terraform Terraform


  • Standalone courseComputer Science

    ESA · 2018 - 2019

  • BSc.Science Economics

    Lome University · 2016 - 2017


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