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Masoud M.

DevOps Engineer

Multifaceted developer with good knowledge in Azure, Bash, Docker, Zabbix, Jenkins, Ansible, and ElasticSearch.

Masoud is a versatile DevOps with 6+ years of experience in the management and configuration of server environments. He is excellent at seeking the most reliable, efficient, and cost-effective solutions to deploy the required environments for developers, platforms, and services.

Masoud believes it is necessary for the tech industry to embrace the DevOps culture and deploy its infrastructure over a well-designed CI/CD process in order to deliver its services at higher quality and with more reliability to the end-user.

He also holds an Associate's degree in Computer hardware engineering.

Main expertise
  • DevOps
    DevOps 5 years
  • Linux
    Linux 6 years
  • Azure
    Azure 4 years
Other skills
    NGINX 4 years
  • MySQL
    MySQL 4 years
  • Docker
    Docker 3 years
Masoud M.


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Selected experience


  • DevOps Engineer

    Mobtaker Team - 1 year

    • Deployment and management of 50+ server environments required for various backend and frontend platforms and their related web-server and database requirements;
    • Configuration and maintenance of GIT and CI/CD solutions;
    • Fully Dockerized development/production environments and local repositories for downloaded docker images, updates, etc.;
    • Continuous enhancement of web-servers and databases to increase efficiency; also implemented ElasticSearch;
    • Automating the jobs, backups, crons, etc. as much as possible;
    • Experimenting with Kubernetes and new solutions.


    • Technologies:
    • Linux Linux
    • Git Git
    • Docker Docker
    • MySQL MySQL
    • Ansible Ansible
    • ElasticSearch ElasticSearch
  • DevOps Engineer

    Iran Electronics Publication - 1 year 7 months

    • Configuration, maintenance, and management of 20+Linux and Windows servers, Nginx and Apache web servers, DNS, FTP, Mail, database servers, and all the requirements of the LAMP bundle;
    • Deployed VMware virtualization and Dockerized environments;
    • Implemented GIT version-controlling and CI/CD solutions;
    • Worked closely with datacenters to increase the stability of servers.


    • Technologies:
    • Linux Linux
    • Git Git
    • Docker Docker
    • MySQL MySQL
  • DevOps Engineer/SysAdmin

    Avatosee ICT - 2 years 2 months

    • Managed 10+ HP/Dell physical servers and Cisco equipment;
    • Configured and maintained Linux and Windows servers and the necessary web servers, databases, DNS, Mail, NTP, etc.;
    • Saved server resources by moving to complete virtualization;
    • Implemented GIT and CI/CDsolutions;
    • Managed the office network and systems.


    • Technologies:
    • Linux Linux
    • Git Git
    • MySQL MySQL


  • BSc.Computer Sciences

    Azad University · 2016 - 2022

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