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What’s backend development?

Backend development refers to writing code that runs on servers and handles data processing and storage that happens behind the scenes of websites or apps. Backend developers deal with servers, databases, APIs, etc. They build the logic that sends appropriate information in response to users’ actions in the program’s interface.

  • What are some common backend languages?

    The backend of an application can be written in Java, Ruby, PHP, Python, or JavaScript executed in Node.js runtime environment. For faster development, programmers can use popular backend frameworks that are based on those languages, such as Spring Boot, Ruby on Rails, Laravel, Django, or Express.js.

  • What is the best language for backend development?

    The choice of programming language for backend development depends on the type of software project and the priorities of its owner. Java is often a go-to option for enterprise-scale projects. PHP and Ruby are frequently used for building web apps of middle size and complexity. Python or JavaScript are often chosen to build MVPs and prototypes because of the fast development cycle. C/C++ and C# are the top choice for game backend development due to good performance.

  • What is the difference between backend and frontend development?

    Backend and frontend development deal with different layers of apps. While frontend developers build user-facing functionality, backend developers handle the logic and data processing that happens behind it.

  • Should I hire a full-stack developer instead of both backend and frontend?

    The short answer is: it depends on the project. If a full-stack developer is fluent in the programming languages you need for your project and fits within your budget, you might as well do that. However, specialized frontend and backend developers might have more specific technical skills that fit your current job description.

  • What do backend devs specialize in?

    Frontend development refers to the client-side, or the presentation layer of, say, a website or web application. Contrary to that, back-end devs specialize in the data access layer, or the part that the users don’t see.

  • Is it hard to find a senior backend developer?

    The software development industry is known for being pretty dynamic, and it is a little harder to retain developers who have worked for a while and who are far ahead in their career paths. In software engineering, developers are typically considered to be senior after at least three years of significant experience in their skills and expertise.

    It is no question that it is hard to fill a developer job opening with an entry level dev, and it’s also harder to get a hold of a senior web developer because they have more choices and criteria when it comes to finding the ideal job.

    However, in our database, we have plenty of senior backend and frontend developers who can quickly fit into your development team.

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