Arbnor T.

Senior iOS&Flutter Mobile Developer

Guru iOS app developer with more than seven years of experience
in Objective-C and Swift.

Arbnor can play both a developer role and take a team leader position in the engagement, managing the development team and helping to achieve the highest results in the design and maintenance of what is required by the client, as well as planning time and budget accordingly.

During his working experience, he has contributed to multiple projects. For instance, Arbnor developed an Allina Health not-for-profit healthcare system based in Minneapolis, Minnesota. The system operates in twelve hospitals and more than 90 clinics throughout Minnesota and western Wisconsin.

He loves to find the best technical solutions to turn new ideas into great apps.

Main expertise

  • iOS iOS 8 years
  • Objective-C Objective-C 7 years
  • Swift Swift 5 years

Other skills

  • UI UI 5 years
  • WordPress WordPress 4 years

Arbnor T.

32.90 € hourly

North Macedonia

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Selected experience


  • iOS developer

    Direct4me - 2 months

    • Direct4me Is a new way of safe and contactless delivery of your packages.
    • Through the mobile app, allows you to have total control over your packages.
    • I have been working here for two months changing the whole design of the app and fixing existing bugs.


    • Technologies:
    • iOS iOS
  • Flutter App Developer

    Pescadata - 6 months

    • Working as a Flutter app developer
    • Finished the app
    • Added new features, fixed a lot of bugs, and improved the code quality


    • Technologies:
    • Flutter Flutter
  • Mobile Application Developer

    Tarmac.IO - 4 years 4 months

    iOS app developer on projects:

    • Trusted Herd - The place where brands, agencies, vendors, and workers come together for event industry jobs and reviews.
    • SuperCharged - Self-help application for women by a celebrity in the USA with crazy design and animations
    • Weebow - We started the application with the new SwiftUI, the new framework for building apps on iOS. The application is a communication tool between patients with a mild form of depression
      and Experts in this field.
    • Caribou Coffe and Bagels Brand - Caribou Coffee Company is an American coffee company and coffeehouse chain. I worked as an iOS
      app developer on this project, adding new features, fixing bugs, and improving app architecture. The existing code base was massive, so I had to adapt to the code style and understand it deeper.
    • Allina Health, Allina CV, Allina Beginnings, Allina P2P - Allina Health is a not-for-profit health care system based in Minneapolis, Minnesota. Allina Health owns or operates 12 hospitals and more than 90 clinics throughout Minnesota and western Wisconsin. I started working on four projects for Allina, adding new features and fixing existing things. I saw an advanced codebase, so I had to adapt to the code style and architecture.


    • Technologies:
    • iOS iOS
    • Swift Swift
  • Mobile Application Developer

    Freelance - 2 years 2 months

    • Working as a freelance with a lot of projects, some of them as part-time projects or times when I was not engaged in full-time jobs:
    • All projects were iOS with Swift and Objective C:
    • iGenius - It’s an iPad app for administrating hotels. I worked on this for two months, fixing some bugs and adding some features.
    • Okey Friends - The popular Turkish game, done with some new rules played in our community. The development on iOS consisted of two developers, and It was very challenging.
    • Q-Matics - An app to track driving machinery and represent that information in the app, so we show the driving location in real-time along with a lot of other reports for that driving machine.
    • Sidekick and SideKick Kid - An application for parents to get driving information about their children; also, from the device you can disable
      texting on the kid’s phone by locking his screen while driving.


    • Technologies:
    • iOS iOS
    • Swift Swift
    • Objective-C Objective-C
  • Mobile Application Developer

    Manoolia - 10 months

    • I mostly was fixing bugs and adding new features
    • Started the Ezeclip app from the beginning
    • NativePlug - Transforming WordPress websites to native mobile applications.
    • Ezeclip - Recording, trimming, and managing videos for business advertisements.
    • Radio 21 and Radio Rockland were radio applications for a German Radio Station.
    • SmartTraveling - is a guided traveling app
    • Adele - Self-help video app
  • Mobile Application Developer

    Bridge Technology - 2 years 7 months

    Applications I worked on:

    • SaferMobility - Security companies use to assist their clients in case of a requirement for help. The user and security company have real-time video, audio, and text communication (Web-RTC).
    • SafeBanker - Banks use it to make them more secure, using some technics to make the safer opening and closing of the bank by your
      smartphone. It uses the same technology as SaferMobility of real-time communication using Web-RTC
    • Palayga - Palayga is a visual, clue based, strategic game that places people with a mobile device at a nearby starting location and then challenges them to solve the rest while playing against other Palayga
    • SmartCaller and Opticaller - SmartCaller makes lower international and roaming call costs by 40-95%. OptiCaller is an application for Mobile PBX with unique call optimization. It allows the user to make
      calls in a flexible, and above all, more cost-effective manner. The project consists of six applications. I was mobile team lead, assisting android developers and creating a better app.


  • BSc.Informatics Engineering

    State University of Tetovo · 2012 - 2016

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