Jezuina K.

Machine Learning Engineer

Jezuina is a PhD candidate, focusing on Reinforcement Learning, Deep Learning, and Neural Networks. Deep and passionate knowledge of software engineering principles and practices with an MSc. focused on Computer Science. Solid background in common machine learning techniques and paradigms e.g. regression vs classification, supervised vs unsupervised, reinforcement learning, neural networks, deep learning. Furthermore, Jezuina has a good understanding and background in probability theory, statistics & linear algebra.

Extensive experience in researching and developing algorithms by applying a variety of machine learning techniques. Excellent understanding of data structures and algorithms. Ability to develop and adapt standard machine learning methods and best practices to design and build machine learning systems

Jezuina is currently writing her Ph.D. in automated machine learning processes for neural networks.

Main expertise

  • TensorFlow TensorFlow 4 years
  • Machine learning 4 years
  • Python Python 4 years

Other skills

  • SQL SQL 5 years
  • .NET .NET 5 years
  • ASP.NET ASP.NET 5 years

Jezuina K.

40.90 € hourly


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Selected experience


  • Machine Learning Engineer

    Freelance - 3 years 7 months

    • Implementing neural style transfer which is an optimization technique that uses one content image and one style image, and generates the content image in the style of the style image;
    • Image classification using logistic regression;
    • Modeling and training an intelligent tutoring system using reinforcement learning.
  • Software Engineer

    Helius Systems - 4 years 3 months

    • Developing software for loan origination and core banking system;
    • Engaged in all phases of software development life cycle from requirement analysis and solution design to development, testing, and maintenance.
  • Middleware & Back-end Developer

    Tirana - 2 years 7 months

    • Requirement specifications gathering and analysis;
    • Business Processes automation;
    • Building complex workflows for data integration in heterogeneous systems using tools such as Talend Open Studio for Data Integration;
    • ETL Processes;
    • Implementation of different Enterprise Integration Patterns, such as guaranteed delivery and publish-subscribe on top of WSO2 middleware;
    • SOAP and REST web service consumption;
    • Developing web applications using JSP Technologies.
  • Web Developer

    ICT Solutions - 7 months

    • Requirement definition, gathering, analysis, and management;
    • Technical analysis and solution design;
    • Database architecture design and implementation;
    • Graphical user interface design and implementation;
    • Design and development of applications according to technical specifications;
    • Participation in every aspect of the development and implementation.


  • Doctor Of PhilosophyReinforcement learning and natural language processing

    University of Tirana · 2016 - 2021

  • MSc.Computer Science

    University of Tirana · 2010 - 2015

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