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Kerim S.

iOS Developer

Passionate mobile developer with 12+ years of experience in Swift and iOS.

Kerim has delivered software solutions for top ten global brands such as H&M, TESCO, and Decathlon. Also, he has domain expertise in crypto currency exchange and healthcare.

He started his career as a .NET developer and later switched to iOS app development. Also, Kerim is well-skilled in Functional Reactive Programming with RxSwift, TDD, and VIPER.

Main expertise
  • iOS
    iOS 7 years
  • Swift
    Swift 7 years
Other skills
  • C#
    C# 3 years
  • .NET
    .NET 3 years
  • Node.js
    Node.js 2 years
Kerim S.


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Selected experience


  • Senior/Principal iOS Engineer

    Mobile Jazz - - 2 years 1 month

    • Improved unit test performance and coverage all over the application including several phases as Bluetooth adapter, Test Run and Acquisition.
    • Contributing to Harmony-Swift Mobile Jazz mobile application framework.
    • Developed customer/user-facing new features.
    • Used Bitrise, Fastlane for CI and MixPanel for Analytics.


    • Technologies:
    • iOS iOS
    • Swift Swift
  • iOS Team Lead

    Fexobit - - 1 year 8 months

    • Evolved and built a central crypto-currency iOS application from scratch including various cutting-edge development challenges such as WebSockets and biometrics using TDD, RxSwift and Viper.
    • Developed Rx wrapper for famous iOS websocket library called “StarScream” with full test coverage.
    • Integrated FlexLayout, PinLayout, Vaccine & InjectionIII to facilitate testing and automated testing of UX implementation of decoupled UI Layer instead of using Storyboard and Interface Builder which is hard to test.


    • Technologies:
    • iOS iOS
    • Swift Swift
  • Co-Founder

    Mobilentis - 4 years 8 months

    Mobile Fantasy Soccer iOS App:

    • Developed iOS native app from scratch.
    • Implemented instant live feeds (goals, cards, substitutions) and real-time gamer leaderboard updates using
    • Fussy application of easy to use UX design that permits to play the game while monitoring events and statistics.

    Skin Care Research IOS App.

    • Developed a mobile app that lets the user fill out different types of questionnaires configurable from backend applications dynamically.


    • Technologies:
    • iOS iOS
    • Node.js Node.js


  • BSc.Computer Science

    Bilgi University · 1998 - 2003

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