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Marcelo D.

DevOps Engineer

Marcelo is a talented DevOps Engineer with 18 years of experience working with start-ups in different fields.

He frequently has mentored young professionals and has extensive experience with cloud services such as AWS and GCP. He is also proficient in scripting languages like Shell and Python and containerization technologies like Docker and Kubernetes.

Marcelo is experienced in Agile methodologies such as Scrum and Kanban and has worked with CI/CD tools like GitHub, GitLab, and Jenkins during the early stages of his career.

Main expertise
  • AWS
    AWS 6 years
  • Bash
    Bash 20 years
  • DevOps
    DevOps 10 years
Other skills
  • Ansible
    Ansible 4 years
  • SonarQube
    SonarQube 4 years
Marcelo D.


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Selected experience


  • DevOps Engineer - 9 months

    • Restructuring of the servers that process the artificial intelligence used by the company cost management and development in Python.
    • Google Cloud Platform:
    • Monitoring using Zabbix + Grafana + Telegram;
    • GitHub Actions implementation to CI/CD;
    • Application Dockerization;
    • Migrating from Compute Engine to Kubernetes;
    • Kubernetes NAP NodePools implementation;
    • Security Management;
    • Perfect flows;
    • Airbyte.


    • Technologies:
    • Docker Docker
    • Google Cloud Google Cloud
    • Grafana Grafana
    • Kubernetes Kubernetes
    • Python Python
  • Senior Software Engineer II

    Fliper/IM+/XP - 10 months

    • Responsible for helping to maintain the existing infrastructure composed of the DevOps Flow with GitHub Actions and Deploy in Google Cloud Platform (GCP) Kubernetes;
    • Creation of a Cluster of Auto Scalable RabbitMQ Servers in the DEV environment;
    • Beginning of the IaC construction with Terraform and TerraGrunt of the RabbitMQ environment with GitHub versioning;
    • Implementing GCP alerts with PagerDuty;
    • Participation in the merger of two companies from the XP group, Flipper + Infomoney, which resulted in IM+.


    • Technologies:
    • Kubernetes Kubernetes
    • Terraform Terraform
  • Infrastructure Analyst

    Futfanatics - 1 year 11 months

    • Infrastructure creation in Google Cloud environment with instance groups in Auto-Scale;
    • Server management including Balancer, MySQL, Mongo, Apache, PHP7.3, and NGINX;
    • Infra monitoring using Zabbix, Grafana and Telegram;
    • Development of BOTs (Python, Shell script) for Monitoring services and specific integrations with APIs from external providers.


    • Technologies:
    • Google Cloud Google Cloud
    • Grafana Grafana
    • MongoDB MongoDB
    • MySQL MySQL
    • Python Python
    • Zabbix Zabbix
  • CTO

    iBati Technology - 5 years 4 months

    • Responsible for the entire infrastructure that is on Google Cloud in the AutoScalling Group environment;
    • Infra monitoring using Zabbix + Grafana + Telegram; CTO, Webpass Technology, Pirapozinho/SP.


    • Technologies:
    • Google Cloud Google Cloud
    • Grafana Grafana
    • Zabbix Zabbix


  • BSc.Computer Technology

    University of Oeste Paulista · 2002 - 2005

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