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Explaining DevOps: What is the purpose of DevOps?

DevOps (Development and Operations) combines cultural philosophies, tools, and practices that make for a complete approach to creating and delivering software. DevOps automates all processes occurring between the IT teams and software development and emphasizes collaboration, communication between groups, and technology automation.

The purpose and benefits of DevOps are easy and fast release, better security, improved team efficiency, excellent quality products, and happier teams in the long run. At the same time, the practices that define DevOps are continuous development, testing, integration, delivery, deployment, monitoring, and infrastructure as code.

  • How is DevOps tied to AWS?

    There is a definite connection between DevOps and AWS. AWS stands for Amazon Web Services, and it is an evolving, comprehensive, and broadly used cloud platform that combines more infrastructures within, like platform as service (PaaS), packaged software as a service (SaaS), and also infrastructure as a service (IaaS).

    With AWS, there is also database storage, content delivery, related services, and compute power organization tools.

    Both DevOps and AWS are connected—AWS provides services for practicing DevOps within the company. Otherwise, these services are created for usage with AWS, like tools for automating manual tasks, managing complex environments, and controlling over high velocity (framework for maximizing returns during custom software development).

  • How is DevOps tied to Azure?

    Azure DevOps is the public cloud platform containing solutions like IaaS, SaaS, and PaaS, all used for virtual computing, networking, analytics, and storage. It is among the leading cloud-based DevOps services with a rich choice of toolsets for successful DevOps process management.

    More precisely, Azure DevOps offers all developers the services of better work planning within teams, collaboration for code development, and simplified app building and deployment. Azure DevOps is a SaaS Software for end-to-end DevOps toolchain used for software development and deployment.

  • DevOps and Google Cloud platform

    You can access all of the DevOps features easily on the Google Cloud Platform, and for Critical Monitoring, there is the GCP Stackdriver to support DevOps functioning.

    Most developers use DevOps for integration and merging with ongoing and already existing development stages, deployment, testing, and other operations. While the apps are visible in the Public Cloud, the IT experts check how good DevOps is for the ongoing processes.

    DevOps is a wholly organized CI/CD (Continuous Integration/Continuous Delivery) platform that includes the building, testing, and deploying of software much faster than usual. The Cloud Build works by many serverless environments containing VMs, Firebase, or Kubernetes.

    The Google Cloud Platform also supports the Docker containers, otherwise used for image creation. What you can expect from DevOps on Google Cloud Platform is a fast start, good scaling functionality, completely managed services, security, automation, and programmable usability and functionality.

  • Do you need to hire an AWS DevOps engineer?

    An AWS DevOps engineer will analyze, improve, oversee, and automate these actions and processes, completing as many automated processes as possible.

    There are numerous benefits to hiring an AWS DevOps engineer, such as better final product quality and professional process automation as the main ones.

    You need to hire such an engineer when you are already into the DevOps culture. Apart from that main factor, there is also the proper budget for DevOps implementation and if your business infrastructure becomes hard to handle after some time.

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