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What is NestJS used for?

Nest JS is a Node.js framework that aids in the development of server-side applications. It adds modular organization and an extensive range of additional modules to Node.js frameworks like Express or Fastify to handle repetitive chores.

It streamlines development and has its own set of rules, and although mostly used for backend development, it can be used in frontend software development.

Nest is highly testable, helps build scalable web applications, and among other useful features, uses dependency injection, which is a design pattern in which a class requests dependencies from external sources rather than creating them.

  • Who uses NestJS?

    Some of the most notable companies that use Nest JS to build efficient and scalable server-side applications are Autodesk, Societe Generale, Gojob, Adidas, Decathlon, Rewe Digital, and many others.

  • Is NestJS TypeScript?

    Indeed, Nest JS is built with Typescript, and it is free and open-source.

    Nest is a robust framework for building backend systems. It aids in the scaling of Node servers and supports a variety of databases, including MongoDB, Redis, and Apache Cassandra.

  • Is NestJS good for my project?

    NestJS is exceptionally flexible, comes with copious documentation, and has a broad community to help developers better understand it and use it. Another advantage of using Nest is that you can define your types, validation rules, and documentation separately while staying in the same code block.

    Nest might be a good option if the framework you're using for your project doesn't meet these requirements.

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