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Adrian Andresson - interview

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Adrian Andersson, CEO & founder of Meitner, about the importance of working with dynamic resources to maximize scalability as a fast-growing startup and how companies can strengthen their in-house team with distributed development teams.

Adrian Andersson is young, but has run a business since he was 15 years old. Although he started several IT companies, he has never learned to program himself. This has led to a constant need to always work closely with competent developers, in order to be able to realize the companies' visions.

The current businesss is the EdTech startup company Meitner, which is a all-in-one school platform in Sweden for all different school types. Meitner has received media attention on several occasions and made a couple of investment rounds to be able to grow faster. This has led to a rapidly increasing need for more developers.

– We need to periodically scale up the resources heavily, and quickly bring in developers of high competence, usually with just under a couple of weeks in advance – all so as not to lose momentum in growth.

The collaboration with Proxify

Hiring someone in Sweden takes a few months, with advertisements, interviews and waiting for notice periods from previous jobs, and hiring an employee for a shorter period and then dismissing them is difficult. At the same time, consultants in Sweden charge just over a thousand kroner per hour for developers.

– Proxify has become a perfect complement to this. We can quickly scale up and down the team dynamically as needed, at reasonable cost, where we are always confident in the competence of the developers who are mediated.

Today, Meitner complements their internal in-house team in Stockholm with most of the tech experts from Proxify in order to constantly accelerate and meet the needs we meet from the market.

– It is a perfect match, and we are extremely pleased with the high level of expertise that Proxify always assists with. We have gone from one resource, to a handful, in a few months and continue to scale.

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