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Patrick In de Maur, Director and Product Manager at Dotlab

About Dotlab

Dotlab is a dynamic agency structured into three distinct departments:

  1. Full-service agency: Specializing in large online applications and portals, Dotlab delivers comprehensive solutions for various business needs.
  2. Framework SaaS supplier: They offer a robust SaaS framework and provide scalable solutions tailored to their clients' requirements.
  3. Product development: Dotlab also creates proprietary products based on its SaaS framework, showcasing its commitment to innovation and versatility.

Their broad expertise allows them to handle diverse projects, making them a leader in the digital solutions space.

The challenge

Before partnering with Proxify, Dotlab faced several significant hurdles as a business, including timely and efficient hiring of new developers. The onboarding process was particularly time-consuming and resource-intensive. Once new hires joined, the steep learning curve further impacted overall productivity, as they required extensive training to get up to speed.

Finding developers who not only possessed the right technical skills but also fit well with Dotlab's culture added another layer of complexity to their hiring process.

Dotlab needed a flexible staffing solution that allowed them to scale their team quickly in response to project demands without the burden of long-term employment contracts.

Patrick said they tried other recruitment agencies but ultimately chose Proxify.

“We chose Proxify as our partner for flexible staff because of their knowledge of the markets and their very large database of very good, experienced developers.

The solution

Proxify provided a comprehensive solution that addressed Dotlab's challenges head-on. Supplying highly skilled and experienced developers significantly reduced the onboarding time, allowing new team members to contribute effectively from day one.

Proxify's thorough vetting process also ensured that the developers had the necessary technical expertise and aligned well with Dotlab's values and culture. Patrick says the flexibility of using Proxify's staffing options allowed them to hire full-time staff and project-specific developers.

"With Proxify developers, we could acquire quite a few equipped and experienced developers that lessened our onboarding time. This provided us with a lot of flexibility because we could hire these staff quicker than doing so the usual, traditional way."

This adaptability was crucial for maintaining agility in a competitive market.

"We were able to hire full-time staff members and project-based part-time team members."

This enabled them to scale their team according to project needs without long-term commitments.

Patrick also says that the seamless support from Proxify's customer success team and sales representatives further enhanced the partnership, ensuring that Dotlab's specific needs were always met.

The results

Dotlab results

Since collaborating with Proxify, Dotlab has seen significant improvements across several areas. The onboarding time for new developers has drastically reduced, allowing the company to initiate projects more quickly and efficiently to meet client demands.

The developers supplied by Proxify have integrated seamlessly into Dotlab's team, contributing effectively to ongoing projects and fitting well with the company's culture.

“We are thrilled with the new staff members. They fit in, and they provide good services and are good additions to the team."

The flexibility provided by Proxify has given Dotlab the ability to adjust its team size based on project requirements, maintaining the agility needed to thrive in a fast-paced industry.

“Working with the team at Proxify has been a great experience. They are knowledgeable both on the staffing end but also on our business."

While long-term results and specific ROI metrics are still forthcoming, the initial benefits are clear: Dotlab now has a reliable and flexible staffing solution that supports its capacity for innovation and growth.

The way forward

The initial success of this collaboration has set a strong foundation for future growth and innovation. Dotlab plans to leverage Proxify's flexible staffing solutions to further enhance its project capabilities and expand its service offerings.

"The biggest benefit of working with Proxify is the short recruitment time for having decent staff. We were able to acquire new staff flexibly and we are also provided with limited time on possibly offboarding [the team members] when a project is finished. That flexibility is the main benefit for me working with Proxify. “

By maintaining a pool of highly skilled and culturally aligned developers, Dotlab aims to tackle more ambitious projects and enter new markets. Proxify's ongoing support and expertise will be instrumental in navigating the challenges and opportunities that lie ahead.

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