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10 most attractive employer brands for software engineer employment

Software engineers look in almost the exact directions or specific brands hiring such experts regularly or needing professional software and IT expertise.

Now, we should go over the most popular brands that are a hub for tech employees. We will see what the employer branding campaigns consist of or the exact reason to draw these experts to those companies.

It is not just how they treat employees: there is much more to the secret of such successes, like the company's culture and branding values, what it aims toward, and the overall message their brand conveys. Everyone needs and wants software engineers in this day and age because they are an irreplaceable part of modern-day business.

The requirements for the tech experts are on-demand for everything, from big data, analytics, and mobile solutions, to cloud computing. And many software engineers and developers can find opportunities to grow or advance highly in the listed brand names below (even though many others are out there, too!). Let’s find out what makes each so unique.

1. Google

It’s no wonder that this big brand name is the very first to start the list. Google is known for its strong employer branding and is well-known worldwide. Their approach toward engineers adds to the value of employees foremost. Proof of this is the careful selection of relevant candidates.

For example, the company receives 3 million resumes annually (on average), yet around 7,000 are chosen as employees, also annually. So, of course, software developers in a tech giant like Google cannot just start right away with partial or insufficient expertise.

But, the benefits are also not cut short with such standards – employees at Google have a lot of benefits, unique and relaxing workspaces that resemble campuses, and even medical assurance at all times. Not only this, but Google also assists those eager to educate further or improve their knowledge, and employees' shared ideas or opinions and suggestions are always cherished and heard.

The work culture is strong, and people can adapt to it as long as they are skilled and ambitious – in turn, Google treats all employees respectfully and supportively.

2. Tesla

With constant news and updates from Elon Musk’s brand, Tesla is getting increasingly popular among young and aspiring software engineers, both on the rise and established. Through working at Tesla, building strong expertise is not unimaginable and brings many advantages for the perfect employee experience.

Nowadays, almost no one can imagine a tech industry without associating it with Tesla, so it should be interesting to delve into their employees' work dynamics and treatment.

For example, an employee in Tesla can get discounts on Tesla products and merch up to 35%! Another perk allows for specific disability insurances reaching a sum of 60%, along with regular healthcare. Additionally, before every hire, if needed, the company trains and further educates the candidate for both the company’s and employer’s progress.

3. Amazon

The work environment in Amazon might be something moderately intense, as most news pop up left and right, but it is nothing short of ambitious and exciting.

In such a high-paced environment, employees are drawn to the company's constant self-improvement and lively dynamics, which is rarely resting.

As pressuring as it could sound initially, some perks and benefits justify even that pressure everyone is talking about. As the CEO, Bezos is proud of his success; it comes down to the willingness and ambition of workers to advance in their careers. Amazon offers a unique benefit to certain in-demand employees for additional courses and training that make the workers ideal and perfect for Amazon.

In other words, words get around that Amazon can offer advanced payment of 95% of a sum for specific tuitions, fees, or similar certificates, primarily for machine tool technology, computers and design, lab technologies, and aircraft mechanics, among other tech-related ones too.

4. Apple

When you hear about Apple, does tech talent come to your mind? Like the big brands above, Apple is another giant we associate with tech talents in a second. But, working for Apple is an experience, and every employee has an exciting story to tell.

Apart from dynamic hours, a large volume of work, privacy and secrecy at the top level, and even ambitious pressure, working for this brand is quite impressive in the long run.

Once talent starts working here, they know and feel that they make a big world different from the start. Software engineers, in this case, know that their work will impact millions of Apple users worldwide. The company's team culture is pleasant overall, with top-tier professionals and intellectuals, and the whole ‘dynamic’ feels like a startup instead of a giant company without close internal networking.

Apple covers insurance and specific disability insurance for employees; there is time off and vacation, of course, coverage of commuting needs for some locations, parental leave, gym perks, and retirement plans.

Apple is strict regarding applicants and reapplying of candidates – once rejected, a candidate should probably not try again. But, on the other hand, this strictness ensures that the best enter and get a chance for such career advancement among the best out there.

5. Microsoft

Another classic and giant brand name on this list attracts talent like the ones above. At one point or another, job seekers in tech or IT have thought of working for Microsoft, similar to their similar competitors or tech giants.

Even though some other names probably steal the spotlight more often, Microsoft is far from forgotten or neglected. This giant is still going strong as ever, and it comes down to its ambition, the hardworking employees, and overall company culture and perks.

Despite the work-life balance, which could use some improvement, at Microsoft, the salaries are excellent, the work dynamic is always fun and exciting, the employer’s skills will not stagnate, and everyone is embedded into teams of top-level experts. No wonder Microsoft is famous for attracting talent, considering they hire around 20,000 people annually and externally.

6. IBM

When we talk about IBM, we talk about multiple work progress opportunities for all interested in hosting, consulting, infrastructure, hardware, software, and technologies.

With IBM, there is always room for growth and more self-improvement in the professional sphere, and proof of that is the vast number of employees worldwide, or over 400,000. Also, technological innovations are one aspect that continually grows and advances over time.

The employees at IBM are all treated fairly and with respect, and everyone is a part of a healthy, cooperative environment of equality. Further, the opportunities for workers are equal for all through fair policies.

Even more interesting, the fixed number of working day hours is not set per se. If someone finishes the job excellently and earlier, they are not obliged to ‘wait out’ or continue with work during that day if everything is finished and flawless. Along with this, the work itself can be remote as well.

7. Cisco

Cisco is another company that can boast of being one of the best workplaces attracting talent. This company for cloud services, networking, and cybersecurity solutions – Cisco was even on the list of best workplaces for 2021.

And 95% of people working in Cisco say this is a safe and good working environment means something. Cisco takes pride in treating employees fairly, ensuring an excellent mental health environment reflecting psychological safety and serenity.

A pretty nice perk is also a birthday day off. And the company also includes a lot of extras for on-site workers, like a gym, cafeteria, restaurant, doctor offices, child care, and dry cleaning - all under the same roof of the corporation.

8. Airbnb

Whenever we scroll on social media and see travel inspirations left and right, the first thing that comes to mind is Airbnb, the famous brand that ensures you have a good and affordable place to stay wherever you go.

At Airbnb, they do not just look for the needed technical skills; even more so, a positive attitude and genuine love for the job seal the deal. Another thing that Airbnb takes pride in is the nutrition for all employees overall – large kitchen spaces with the healthiest meals, snacks, and drinks. Occasionally, they organize fun food events within the company and strengthen the internal team culture through such activities.

Now, let’s talk finances. Airbnb salaries come down to an average of $110,341 annually, with the lowest being $40,000 and the highest sum of $136,864. The working spaces are vibrant and pleasant, with many beanbags, colorful decor, and well-lit areas to nurture creativity and productivity.

There are perks, too, such as meeting commuting needs, additional courses and education, and covered expenses for specific work trips.

9. Netflix

The streaming service Netflix managed to create a compelling job description, i.e., company culture representation, as genuinely as possible. No wonder this company attracts talent if we consider all the good mottos this company thrives by.

At Netflix, people are the most important thing, and happy workers are productive workers. Workers are all a part of a cohesive and innovative environment, free of judgment and with a lot of internal communication. Workers receive feedback in a good way, so where there is room for improvement, that’s the case at hand and not criticism, unlike most employers.

Managers tend to communicate with team members and all employees frequently and regularly, so there is rarely room for unclear things in the work dynamic. Employees are also even encouraged to take vacation days or days off to rest and unwind, and of course, for parents, there is a strong encouragement for days off when babysitting or similar is needed. Overall, the work-life balance here is top-notch.

10. Proxify

Proxify is another brand that is drawing in software developers and tech professionals at a swift pace. The branding and company culture at Proxify truly excels when compared to others.

There is no room for micromanaging or suffocation of the creative and productive spirit – developers and engineers have the opportunity to choose from full-time or part-time, or hourly-based, according to the clients’ needs.

In this context, Proxify ensures that every party included gets the best possible service and treatment, both clients and engineers/developers.

The work is done remotely, regardless of location. The management is superb, with a uniquely positive, helpful, and healthy attitude. The company culture promotes togetherness, as much as independence, whether individually or in a team.

The community of Proxify offers many opportunities for growth and learning, assisting others, or receiving feedback and assistance when needed. Workers are happy and productive, enjoying a healthy environment for work and communications. Overall, the Proxify community grows regularly due to both success and personal satisfaction with the company that employees have.

The takeaway

An employer branding strategy takes any business or company to a new level and propels success if conducted well. If you look at any career page and browse through the companies, you will notice how in every listing, there is the main focus on company culture, the branding, and what makes it successful and similar.

How good the recruitment process is, represents just a part of a company's branding. The hiring process is another part of how the company conducts such branding processes. But, the treatment of employees and how satisfied they are while they do a fantastic job is the best indicator of good work culture that attracts talent.

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