Why Flutter is popular among developers and companies

In this article, we’ll discuss what makes this framework preferred among Flutter developers and why these developers are in high demand for hiring. Also, just as important, you can discover why Flutter is essential in business and development.

The state of Flutter and its demand

The demand for Flutter developers has increased steadily and swiftly over the years because of its many benefits. This is mainly seen in the mobile app development industry – developers coding in Flutter use just a single code to develop cross-platform apps. And the world is never short of mobile apps, nor will it be, it seems, as new ones constantly emerge.

Flutter is the most sought-after skill among developers and engineers because it is easy and popular to learn, with fast-growing communities, and incredibly beneficial to implement in large-scale businesses.

According to a survey by Statista in 2022, Flutter is well-ranked in the list of preferred frameworks, with 12.64% of professional developers choosing it for development, placing this near the top choices.

According to Stack Overflow’s 2023 Developer Survey, Flutter is in the top 10 of the most admired frameworks for developers, with 64% of professional developers enjoying the programming language.

There are many reasons why Flutter is such a popular framework in development processes it benefits the developers that work with it and the businesses that move forward successfully due to it. Here are a few reasons why it is in-demand:

  • It utilizes Hot Reload

Whenever the developer changes the Flutter app's code, the Hot Reload saves the day – they can immediately see what changes they made to the UI. This way, developers can resolve bugs super-fast and monitor their workflow better.

  • It is open source

Flutter is free and publicly accessible, incredibly efficient, innovative, and highly scalable. This is a great kickstart to the benefits of using Flutter. It saves costs in the long run (due to its accessibility and unique features that speed up the work dynamic).

Developers can easily choose from many templates (all pre-made), or they can make a new one quickly from scratch. Flutter is a whole unity of many benefits, free for all interested in using them.

  • It has a wide variety of HQ widgets

To create beautiful UIs, Flutter utilizes widgets intended for many things, including text spacing, colors, and menus. The Flutter widgets are basically “barebones” and premade widgets that adhere to Google Material Design Gudelines an also to Cuppertino by Apple. When developers use the Flutter widgets library, they always create gorgeous designs that look edgy and sophisticated at the same time while still keeping up with the different customer requests on the final result.

Another incredible thing about Flutter is that developers can keep the app performance intact while, at the same time, they add widget personalization too.

  • Multiple platforms get a modular software design

Flutter can be used to target many platforms due to its ability to compile using native SDKs (software development kits), and with this, the whole development process becomes effortless and straightforward by just utilizing one codebase for more platforms.

The great thing with Flutter is that developers can toggle the used source code based on a particular platform. Hence, the result is an app that works fast and smoothly, regardless of the device.

App maintenance is a significant benefit, too – developers need to do database compiling only once for multiple-apps usage, and this same codebase is used smoothly with all UI components it comes with.

  • Boosts native apps’ efficiency

Flutter developers can easily add cool enhancements and platform-specific features to Flutter apps, such as Android, iOS, or Google Fuchsia widgets.

For example, developers can access native features, such as, location and camera, when utlizing the code written in Objective-C, Java (for iOS), Swift (as default), and Kotlin as default. And, another incredible thing about Flutter is that it enables unbelievably easy API integration.

Why developers like working with Flutter

Developers like working with Flutter. The peak of popularity is bewildering, as shown on the Stack Overflow Trends, and the popularity even rises at great speed too.

Flutter popularity - Stack Overflow

This affinity to work with Flutter is especially prominent for mobile developers because it’s:

  • Platform-agnostic

Every developer knows having two mobile application versions (iOS and Android) is crucial.

There’s no need for one-app limitations or more time and money to create many separate apps if it hinders the workflow. With Flutter, these are not worries you’ll bother with. Another great thing is that Flutter has UIs that behave the same way – no need for specific UI components to certain platforms, thanks to the Skia rendering engine (graphics library) with Flutter. Also, the Impeller plays a huge role here too – a new in-house rendering engine that is planned to replace Skia in the future, while still experimental, it is incredibly promising for targeting iOS apps.

  • Easy to master and implement

Even for those not introduced or seasoned in working with Flutter, the numerous libraries of widgets make it a pleasant and insightful developer experience. Simplified coding in a short amount of time is everyone’s goal, and this goal becomes real when using this framework.

Everything is within reach of the developer – precisely organized and extensive documentation, how-to’s, many tutorials, and other valuable materials. The overall support and community are so vast that Flutter has its insightful circle, including its own Wiki, groups, Discord, subreddit channel, question pages, and Flutter Awesome resource channel.

  • Scaling-friendly

Flutter developers like increasing the user base and adding features quickly and efficiently, as it’s the case here. With the help of the Firebase app (by Google) on the backend, Flutter, developers can do reading of features easily without compromising the app quality.

Firebase synchronizes all client data quickly for all clients, and database updates happen in real-time.

  • App modifications

Modifications to an app made with Flutter can be done in-depth, too, for much better results and quality. This encompasses various menus, colors, padding, templates, UIs, or widgets that the developer will implement quickly.

  • Reusing UI components and code

Why should a great code go forgotten when it can be reused if it’s perfectly functional and well-written? Flutter developers like that they can make any product development process quicker and better by utilizing the best Flutter features, like reusing scripts and UI components.

This is why the Flutter developers are in demand; who wouldn’t want to hire professionals that efficiently use the framework they like working with? A framework that resolves multiple development challenges all at once too?

Travis Lindemoen, the founder of Enjoy Mondays, described the core of what makes Flutter an excellent choice for development:

“Flutter greatly increases development speed while reducing costs – two of the most important factors when creating any app. In addition, its built-in widgets allow developers to quickly build custom user interfaces without writing complex codes from scratch or manually adjusting for different platforms. This makes it much easier for companies of any size to rapidly develop sophisticated apps according to their specifications.”

Flutter is the ideal option for everyone whowants unique websites of outstanding efficiency. So, of course, this framework is a popular choice for industries that need application development, which would be almost any industry nowadays in the virtual era of communicating and working.

The variety of industries using Flutter are versatile, such as advertising, shopping and e-commerce, mental health, image editing, automotive, mass media and journalism, music production, finances and banking, and real estate, among others.

The apps created with Flutter are:

1. Google Ads – An app for online advertising and creating ads for various audiences, marketing services, and products.

2. Google Pay – A digital payment app, one of the most popular worldwide, also reaching over 100 million users daily.

3. Alibaba (Xianyu) – An online shopping and e-commerce app, a wholesale marketplace, and global trading services.

4. Reflectly – An AI-powered app that utilizes various methods for mental health advice promoting meditation techniques and cognitive behavior.

5. Postmuse – An app to manage Instagram posts (images) perfectly, with professional image features and superb editing.

6. eBay Motors – An automotive app portal for purchasing and selling cars, car accessories, and similar.

7. My BMW app – Another automotive app on this list enables the BMW owner to check the security of their vehicle at all times, the locks, locations, navigation, and monitoring, all through the mobile device they use.

8. New York Times – A journalistic app for readers of the New York Times, reaching millions of users daily through excellent reader experience.

9. Topline Abbey Road Studios – An app for music production on the go and an excellent way for musicians and creators to input and save their ideas while saving all info in a cloud simultaneously.

10. Nubank – A financial management app, online banking category, reaching more than 48+ million users worldwide.

11. Realtor.com – A popular real estate app based in California, in the top 2 apps for real estate in 2021.

Why should companies use Flutter?

  • For flawless performance – Generally and objectively speaking, every CEO, CTO, and tech employee, wants to get things done faster, better, and more efficiently, but without hassle as much as possible. Flutter allows all of that.

  • For the improved brand image – Because Flutter has an outstanding variety of widgets, the brand image will always be represented in an ideal way for the company.

  • For easy technology integration – If companies need and want to integrate the latest technologies, such as, AI or machine learning, they can easily do it with Flutter.

  • For access to detailed analytics – With Flutter, you can easily keep track of all the KPIs and metrics you need to access for monitoring the modifications and improvements of your engagements.

  • For reducing costs – Because of the efficiency and multiple benefits of Flutter for the development process, the developer will finish work sooner, and this means fewer costs for the otherwise lengthy process. And, there is no need for large developer teams in this case, so only a few Flutter developers can get the same job done just as perfectly.

  • For going beyond just mobile – When a company upgrades to more than just the mobile branch, Flutter can save the day and be applied for desktop and web.

Daniel Chabert, the founder of Purple Fire, provided an insightful point of view on why Flutter is a great tech solution for many:

“Customers looking for tech solutions want something that can get them to their desired outcome quickly and efficiently. Flutter is an attractive choice for businesses because its fast development cycles mean cost savings and faster time-to-market. The main point that customers need to hear is that Flutter offers reliable and fast solutions with a strong base of support behind it. This makes it an ideal choice for those looking for tech solutions and enables them to bring their products to market faster.”

The future and predictions for Flutter in 2023

In 2023, if you decide to hire a Flutter developer are in for reaping some significant benefits of this technology. If you need fast, great-performance web, Android, and iOS apps, this is high time to consider hiring a Flutter developer. Let’s see the Flutter expectations for 2023 and how these trends would add to the demand for Flutter:

  • Greater emphasis on mobile app widgets and their importance

With Flutter and the focus on widgets, developers make custom, gorgeous interactive UIs. New mobile apps will always show up, and the demand for their creation will never stop so that the focus will be placed even more on the widgets. In this context, Flutter also secures its spot as the best for making gorgeous and innovative apps.

  • Higher demand for solutions for cross-platform mobile apps

When businesses and owners want to cover a bigger audience and save money for development, they’ll choose Flutter. With just one codebase, a the Flutter developer can make apps for more platforms, whichand this is undeniably the ultimate win-win, cost-saving solution.

  • Fast growth of the Flutter community

The community of Flutter developers grows incrediblyvery fast, the same as the popularity of this framework. With this, many other parallel benefits come along – new libraries, features, and tools will be introduced as more Flutter professionals enter the community.

  • More upgrades, enhancements, and features to Flutter

As said, Flutter will generally be more enriched, which means it’ll get more support for devices and new platforms; it will have better efficiency and boosted performance. The future of Flutter will also bring the adoption of Flutter for desktop development, as the current push is on Linux (on Ubuntu) and Windows. In the upcoming years, we are yet to see which nice improvements in Flutter will be added by Google, which has proved to work on this framework as dedicated as possible so far.

  • Massive rise of IoT

There are meaningful connections between Flutter and IoT. In the near future, we can all expect demand for powerful apps that quickly process IoT device data and easily communicate with IoT devices. And what is the framework that developers can efficiently work with for different devices? It’s Flutter.

Flutter is the future of cross-platform mobile development

F is for the Future, and F is for Flutter. This framework is the future of mobile development due to its high popularity that doesn’t stop rising. The need for technology and tech-advancements is an organized whirlpool of opportunities, especially in the last years, as everything has become more dependent on technology and virtual creation methods.

As mentioned, everyone will always rely on and need mobile apps – they are handy, practical, and convenient for everything these days. But more importantly, companies can instantly reach their customers and audiences through mobile apps in seconds.

Flutter for the top notch mobile experience

This is one of the opportunities for a Flutter developer to shine by making apps user-friendly, innovative, and fast. But how does Flutter contribute to an excellent mobile app experience for developers?

  • For creating a customizable and gorgeous user interface

With the widgets of Flutter, the developers won’t miss a chance to create a uniquely beautiful UI that they can customize to tailor various needs.

  • For getting things developed quickly

Flutter is in great demand because it shortens the development time drastically. Developers can test everything sooner and faster too. This is ideal for both the developer, who does the job much quicker than planned, and for the company that saves time and money while still having a perfectly done product.

  • For getting the proper support fast

Work won’t suffer because of a lack of resources or information for a particular task. The growing community will always have the developer’s back and vice versa. There is a whole broad palette of solutions, libraries, tutorials, and forums to choose from with Flutter.

  • For using use one codebase on more platforms

With the one codebase the developer uses with Flutter, they’ll quickly deploy to more platforms everything they created (desktop, iOS, web, and Android). This saves money in the long run too.

Generally, Flutter is the future of software development in general too. It opens up countless opportunities through the same business logic in more mobile platforms and requires less time for everything to be done. Most of all, it gives an uncanny performance similarity to a native app.


Undoubtedly, Flutter is vital for development success. It is a must-know for creating dynamic and fast apps and for businesses that move fast with the trends and demands. Great Flutter developers can maximize the full potential of this framework, and companies can save a lot of time and money by implementing it in their work. Remember why Flutter is essential to hire for because its popularity is here to stay and to increase steadily.

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