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Moein B.

iOS Developer

Moein is a talented and organized iOS developer with six years of experience. He excels in dynamic and deadline-oriented work environments, having directed and developed over seven iOS applications in collaboration with domestic and international companies.

Moein utilizes POP methodology, as well as MVC, MVVM, and VIPER architectures.

He is highly skilled at working within cross-functional Agile teams to deliver high-quality products within specific time frames.

Main expertise
  • iOS
    iOS 7 years
  • Swift
    Swift 7 years
  • Objective-C
    Objective-C 6 years
Other skills
  • CoreData
    CoreData 4 years
  • Realm
    Realm 4 years
  • Automation testing 4 years
Moein B.


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Selected experience


  • Lead iOS developer

    Insign Gmbh - Proxify AB - 1 year

    • Detected main bottlenecks in the project and created a roadmap for team improvements.
    • Provided guidance to developers to ensure alignment with detailed technical design and standards.
    • Consulted in code reviews to ensure quality, standards compliance, reusability, and ease of maintenance.
    • Eliminated QA process time by implementing Fastlane CI/CD on Gitlab runner for unit tests and beta builds.
    • Applied GitFlow strategy to reduce source code conflicts by 35%.
    • Performed refactoring to apply clean architecture concepts and single responsibility to classes.
    • Provided technical solutions to a wide range of difficult problems.
    • Worked as a lead developer, coaching and guiding team members within areas of expertise.


    • Technologies:
    • Swift Swift
  • iOS developer

    ChatterFox - 10 months

    • Developed the American Accent Training App.
    • Enhanced team efficiency by instructing and applying Scrum methodology using Jira software.
    • Analyzed the Burndown chart in Jira to investigate the causes of slowdowns in the development process.
    • Managed and integrated a payment system for iOS, Android, and web applications, which increased iOS users by over 20%.
    • Investigated and redesigned the UX from the user's point of view and provided solutions for further enhancement.


    • Technologies:
    • iOS iOS
    • Swift Swift
  • Senior iOS Developer

    Sync. Money - 1 year 5 months

    • Clean Architecture
    • Domain-Driven Design
    • SOLID principles
    • MVVM/Adapter Design Pattern
    • Modularity
    • Unit Test


    • Technologies:
    • Swift Swift
  • Senior iOS developer

    Mobillet - 2 years 6 months

    • Created biometric authentication to provide secure user login for the mobile banking app on the iOS platform.
    • Eliminated the process of receiving customer OTP codes by substituting a session management process.
    • Refactored 60% of old code from Objective-C to Swift, enhancing the readability, maintenance, and scalability of the project through commenting and using clean code practices.
    • Reduced production version bugs by 30% using the Pull Request method, reviewing code, and fixing possible errors during coding.


    • Technologies:
    • iOS iOS
    • Swift Swift
    • Objective-C Objective-C
    • MVC MVC


  • BSc.Electrical and Computer Engineering

    Sadjad University of Technology · 2009 - 2013

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