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Tome K.

DevOps Engineer

Tome is a seasoned DevOps & Cloud Engineer with over six years of experience in the industry, working for IT Services and IT Consulting companies.

During his career, Tome had the opportunity to deploy applications using Docker, ECS, Kubernetes, and CI/CD in multiple tools, including TeamCity, Octopus Deploy, Drone CI, GitHub Actions and Azure DevOps. He is experienced in Infrastructure as code (IaC) using Terraform.

Tome was also in charge of designing, deploying, and configuring cloud migrations for a few startups.

In addition, he has excellent soft and problem-solving skills.

Main expertise
  • DevOps
    DevOps 6 years
  • Azure
    Azure 4 years
  • AWS
    AWS 3 years
Other skills
  • Bash
    Bash 3 years
  • ElasticSearch
    ElasticSearch 3 years
  • MySQL
    MySQL 2 years
Tome K.

North Macedonia

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Selected experience


  • Azure Consultant

    ObjectSharp – Remote - 2 years 2 months

    • Writing Azure Terraform modules.
    • CI/CD with Azure DevOps.


    • Technologies:
    • DevOps DevOps
    • Azure Azure
  • Senior DevOps Engineer

    WAW Muzik – Remote - 1 year 5 months

    • Migrated Jenkins deployment to Drone CI.
    • Terraformed current AWS infrastructure.
    • Migrated Orange Hosting infrastructure to GCP.
    • Operations and maintaining infrastructure hosted on Orange Hosting using Ansible.
    • Introduced logging and monitoring with Fluentd, Grafana Loki and Grafana.
    • Implemented HashiCorp Vault integration with Drone CI.


    • Technologies:
    • DevOps DevOps
    • AWS AWS
    • Terraform Terraform
    • Ansible Ansible
  • DevOps Engineer

    Symphony Solutions – Skopje, North Macedonia - 1 year 6 months

    • Designed and deployed cloud infrastructure on AWS using Terraform.
    • Set up CI/CD pipeline for React, Node.js and Java application deployments using Bitbucket Pipelines.
    • Maintained and developed custom Azure and AWS modules written in Bash as a part of a custom infrastructure deployment CLI tool.


    • Technologies:
    • DevOps DevOps
    • Azure Azure
    • AWS AWS
    • Terraform Terraform
    • Bash Bash
  • DevOps Engineer – Skopje, North Macedonia - 2 years 11 months

    • Introduced log management for a .NET application by implementing ElasticSearch.
    • Set up automated deployment for .NET and Java apps and managed to replace the manual and PowerShell scripting deployment procedure with TeamCity and Octopus Deploy.
    • Introduced monitoring by deploying NewRelic.
    • Wrote and set up an application and DB backup and recovery procedures using PowerShell.
    • Managed to connect all office workstations to the Azure Active Directory with Office 365.
    • Handled DNS migrations.
    • Responsible for database, network and server administration.


    • Technologies:
    • DevOps DevOps
    • Azure Azure
    • ElasticSearch ElasticSearch
    • PowerShell PowerShell


  • BSc.Computer Science

    Faculty of Computer Science and Engineering · 2012 - 2019

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