How to compensate Senior Gatsby Developers in 2023?

In today’s highly competitive market, businesses always search for the best tech experts to help them achieve their goals. This is especially true for those in the web development industry, where the ability to create high-quality websites and applications is essential for success.

Hiring a Senior Gatsby developer is crucial for any CTO or hiring manager in the tech industry. These developers are highly skilled and experienced tech experts who can help your business stay ahead of the competition.

The demand for Senior Gatsby developers is rising, as this framework has become increasingly popular in recent years, especially amongst e-Commerce developers.

Gatsby is a static site generator built using React and GraphQL, and it has gained a reputation for being fast, secure, and easy to use. As a result, many businesses are turning to Gatsby developers to build their websites and applications, which has created a shortage of experienced Gatsby developers.

Despite this, you are already aware of how challenging it is to find and hire the right Senior Gatsby developer. In addition to assessing their technical skills and experience, you also need to offer a compensation package that is competitive and fair.

Understanding the role of a Senior Gatsby developer

Before we dive further, it is essential to understand the role of a Senior Gatsby developer. Senior Gatsby developers have extensive experience building complex websites using the Gatsby framework. They deeply understand web development concepts, JavaScript, and React. They are also skilled in using GraphQL, HTML, CSS, and other web development tools. A Senior Gatsby developer is responsible for designing, developing, and maintaining fast, secure, and scalable websites.

Sara Almeida, Functional Recruitment Lead at Proxify, mentioned several factors to consider when determining the compensation for Senior Gatsby developers. Apart from the candidate meeting certain technical benchmarks, location is also considered.

“We also look at where they are located worldwide. Locations such as Europe, USA, Latin America, and APAC may differ on compensation mainly due to the cost of living in those areas.”

author Sara Almeida

Evan Lisinski, also a Functional Recruitment Lead at Proxify, listed the three biggest factors he considers.

“I look at [how much money] they are asking for, their rating on the technical assessments during the technical interview, and their soft skills.”

author Evan Lisinski

He added that despite technical skills having significant value, soft skills are critical too. Further, he says they often get technically proficient and experienced candidates lacking the needed soft skills. Seeing candidates jump on calls from a taxi, having a bad reception, or even smoking during a meeting is, unfortunately, not an unfamiliar thing for recruiters.

We’ve covered the experience and basic requirements extensively in our Gatsby hiring guide, so read that for additional information on the right questions to ask when interviewing a Gatsby developer. All our hiring guides contain almost everything there is regarding hiring soft skills, hard skills, other brands using [skill], random tips, challenges, etc.

The compensation package for Senior Gatsby Developers

Senior Gatsby Developers are in high demand and often command high compensation. As a hiring manager, you must know what’s the compensation package to attract and retain the best tech experts and developers. Here are some factors to consider when putting together a compensation package for a senior Gatsby developer:

Base compensation

The first and most prominent element of a compensation package is the sum of compensation! The base one for a Senior Gatsby Developer should be competitive and reflective of the individual's skills and experience. The average base compensation for a Senior Gatsby developer in 2023 is around $120,000 to $160,000 per year.

According to ZipRecruiter, the average annual compensation for a Senior Gatsby developer in 2023 ranges between $96.000 - $169.000. Another job vacancy on Wellfound was close, offering $130.000 - $170.000 for a senior developer with Gatsby JS experience. The Ladders states the average compensation for a GatsbyJS developer in the United States is $126.000 per year. Indeed’s website advertises remote Senior-level Gatsby jobs at $120.000 - $170.000 a year.

However, these figures can vary depending on several factors, including the developer's experience level, location, and specific job requirements.


Bonuses are a great way to incentivize and reward team members for their hard work. Depending on your company’s setup and whether you’re hiring a full-time in-house team member or not will determine whether they are eligible for a bonus. If they are, then a typical bonus for a Senior Gatsby developer should be 10% to 30% of their base compensation, depending on the individual's performance and contribution to the company’s success.


Equity is another critical consideration when developing a compensation package for Senior Gatsby developers. It provides them with a sense of ownership and investment in the company. Many startups offer equity to attract top tech experts and align members' interests with the company's long-term success. Equity can take the form of stock options, restricted stock units, or other types of ownership arrangements.


Benefits are an essential part of any compensation package. A comprehensive benefits package that includes health insurance, retirement plans, and other perks can significantly attract and retain top tech experts.

Apart from these benefits, some companies may structure the members’ perks based on what they can offer. Sara gave some insight regarding the benefits that tech experts of the Proxify network experience.

“We offer the opportunity to work with disruptive starts ups and challenge the developers to the highest level. The work remains interesting and allows developers to be part of something truly incredible. Career coaching and shared insights with talks and meet-ups is also something that the developers gain from working with Proxify.”

author Sara Almeida

Training and development

In the fast-paced world of web development, developers need to stay up-to-date with the latest technologies and techniques. Offering opportunities for training and development can help to retain senior Gatsby developers. This includes hosting conferences, workshops, online courses, and mentoring programs.

Flexible work arrangements

It is essential to consider flexible work arrangements when developing a compensation package. Many developers value the ability to work remotely, and offering flexible work arrangements is a great way to attract them in the first place. This can include things such as flexible hours, remote work options, and a certain number of vacation holidays.

Vacation time is another essential consideration for many members. A generous vacation policy can help members achieve a better work-life balance and overall job satisfaction.

A winning compensation formula

A compensation formula for Senior Gatsby developers will allow you to make more informed hiring decisions and better manage member compensation raises and promotions.

Our simple compensation formula uses three factors:

  • Experience: Your developer's experience is the most crucial factor to consider when calculating the total sum from day one. Even if they are recent college graduates, their experience is still essential because it tells you how quickly they will grow (and how much you will have to pay them).

  • Education level: The education level of your developers tells you how much value they can add to your organization throughout their career with your company. It also tells you how long it will take to reach their maximum potential as a developer.

  • Location: Location has less impact on compensation than experience or education level, but there are still some general trends that can help inform your decision-making process. For example, a location also significantly impacts a developer’s compensation because it affects demand. There simply aren't enough developers in some areas to meet demand, so compensation is higher than other places.

Sara explains how we handle these discussions and what factors affect the final decision.

“We at Proxify make sure the compensation is fair and attractive by understanding that not only is this a highly competitive market for Gatsby developers but also by matching the developers to the right engagement. We also pay close attention to data and markets insights and adjust the compensation to ensure our competitive advantage. We also have a combination within the technical and soft skills recruitment process that we assess for better support and development within the community.”

author Sara Almeida

Market research

There will be an increase in the demand for this skill set in the next few years as its market share has also been steadily increasing. This growth can be attributed to more companies looking to adopt Gatsby as their primary source of content management system (CMS).

Based on this, companies will most likely be looking to hire more Senior Gatsby developers because they want their websites to be mobile-friendly and fast loading. If you want to stay ahead of your competitors, you must hire a Senior Gatsby developer who knows how to use this framework.

Because Gatsby is a newer technology, there is little information on the compensation companies offer.

The market for Gatsby developers is just beginning to grow. A few factors make it difficult for companies to find suitable candidates.

  • Gatsby developer compensations are low compared to other frontend frameworks and languages, which makes it hard for companies to find experienced Gatsby developers. As more companies begin using Gatsby, this will change, but in the meantime, compensation will likely be less than other technologies.

  • The lack of experience is also a factor. Not many people have worked with Gatsby before, so it’s hard for hiring managers and CTOs to judge what skills they need in their team members.

Over the next few years, the value of a Gatsby developer will grow significantly. Gatsby developers are paid well, but what they make is lower than what other frontend technologies and frameworks tech experts make. However, they earn more than those with older technologies like PHP and Java.

But many companies find it hard to find and hire Gatsby developers because not many people have worked with Gatsby before.


Gatsby developers are in demand and will continue to be in the future. Even with all these exciting new technologies, Gatsby developers will remain essential to a company's portfolio.

Hiring a Senior Gatsby developer is an important decision that requires a compensation package that is competitive, fair, and appealing. When setting compensation, consider the current market rates for senior developers, the candidate's experience and skills, and the company's budget.

Offering attractive compensation, benefits, and perks can help your business stand out and attract the best tech experts and developers. Additionally, investing in member training and career development can improve overall employee retention and help build a strong team of Gatsby experts.

By prioritizing competitive compensation and employee growth, you can position yourself as an industry leader and attract the best developers in the field.

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