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Pim Betist, CEO at docbldr

As they embarked on a mission to expand their team and enhance their cutting-edge document management platform, docbldr encountered roadblocks in finding the right talent.

About docbldr

Docbldr provides cloud-based document generation and automation solutions to help law firms, financial institutions, and other organizations streamline document processes and improve efficiency. The company automates legal documents for law firms and legal departments using generative AI, rule-based AI, and machine learning.

By leveraging these cutting-edge technologies, docbldr provides automated document generation and analysis at a level impossible with traditional methods. The AI-powered platform increases efficiency, accuracy, and scalability for handling large volumes of complex documents.

The challenge

The demand for Ruby on Rails developers has steadily increased over the past several years. However, the supply of qualified and experienced RoR developers must catch up. This growing gap between supply and demand has made hiring Ruby on Rails developers increasingly tricky.

Pim Betist, the CEO of docbldr, mentioned the company primarily uses Ruby on Rails, and one of its challenges was finding the right Ruby on Rails developer.

There is a significant demand for Ruby on Rails developers across various industries in the Netherlands. While precise figures on the number of companies seeking Ruby on Rails developers may vary, it's evident that many tech companies, eCommerce platforms, and startups in the country actively seek professionals skilled in this technology.

Pim realized the talent gap needed to be improved for the company's progress.

"Not having enough Ruby on Rails developers prevented us from delivering innovative solutions to our clients on time. Something had to change to bridge the talent shortage we faced."

They knew they needed to scale their team and hire more team members quickly. Some of the ways they did this was by doing the recruitment themselves and using other recruiting platforms. However, these options did not bear much fruit, leading them to Proxify for help.

The solution

As docbldr struggled to find qualified Ruby on Rails developers in the Netherlands, they realized they needed to look beyond their local talent pool. Pim saw the advantage in how a partnership with Proxify creates value since he didn't have the burden of searching and sourcing programmers himself.

Docbldr was amazed by Proxify's services in multiple aspects:

  • Global talent pool: Pim got access to dozens of pre-vetted Ruby on Rails developers. This gave docbldr confidence they could quickly tap into the global talent pool to fill their developer shortage.
  • On-demand flexibility: Docbldr enjoyed the possibility of scaling developer talent up or down as needed, offering flexible access without long-term commitments. This on-demand flexibility was ideal for docbldr's changing business needs.
  • Simplified payroll. Proxify’s expertise in managing payroll for the remote developer made the entire process remarkably smooth and hassle-free for the team at docbldr.
  • Friendly staff. Pim says he was impressed by the dedication and professionalism of his client manager, Cheryl, from the moment they engaged Proxify.

"I could simply give her a profile of what I need, wait a few days, and I'll have a perfect selection. "

The results

Through Proxify, Pim has started working with Joseph, a developer from Ghana. According to him, he writes perfect Ruby on Rails code and is also a super-friendly team member.

"Without Proxify, we would never have found him. They have helped us scale and diversify our team with talented individuals worldwide."

He highlighted the remarkable efficiency of Cheryl swiftly identifying suitable candidates for docbldr's needs. Within a matter of days, she presented an impressive selection of highly qualified programmers, providing Docbldr with ample options to choose from.

He added that his client manager made the entire process seamless, and they were matched with a developer within days.

"Cheryl searched and found a great selection of programmers. We had short interviews with them and chose the best one within a few days, which was amazing."

The way forward

For docbldr, partnering with Proxify was the perfect decision. Not only did it help them find the right programmers for their specific needs, but it also provided them with excellent customer service and flexibility.

Pim believes partnering with Proxify was the perfect decision for their team because he says it is easy to work with us and our incredible talent pool.

"If you are skeptical about working with Proxify, don't be. Proxify delivers on its promise, and the team members are super friendly. They have a large, competent team and a massive roster of amazing talent. They think about what you need as a customer instead of what you need as a provider."

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