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Usages of Ruby for Rails

Since Ruby on Rails (RoR) is open-source software widely used for web application building, experts widely use this software to create websites using Ruby's programming language.

RoR conjoins and merges the Ruby language with JavaScript, HTML, and CSS to create a web app that uses a web server for general operation. Also, Ruby on Rails is famous for developing server-side web applications.

Regarding a more precise answer to the usages of RoR, we can sum it up with extensive use, and it applies to a large spectrum of programming tasks.

  • Who should use Ruby on Rails?

    RoR is a firmly established and popular tool for working on complex web tasks and projects and is preferred among experts that need excellent and fast management of multiple projects. Another perk that RoR comes with is the perk of more rapid development process stages and fast creation of customizable software solutions.

    This tool is a perfect match for those that need a cost-effective solution that is safe and secure and easy to maintain. Further, experts that need automated testing, a full-stack framework, and better productivity can benefit from using RoR.

  • What makes Ruby on Rails so popular?

    RoR is very popular, despite being an older technology. It is mature, already established, and even preferred among senior developers; as advanced technology, RoR is secure and stable and provides code stability before anything else.

    Another point that makes RoR popular is that there is always demand for its developers and users. But, countless benefits of RoR make it so popular, such as RoR MVC, clean and consistent code, significant scalability, extensive ecosystem, DRY (Don’t Repeat Yourself), then security, cost-saving, good test environment, and self-documentation, among many others.

    The popularity is such because the whole engineering process goes smoothly and faster, and developers can freely and easily use parts of a code that are ready to use. Also, if some tasks are repetitive with the DRY feature, the developer does not need to waste time doubling previously completed functions.

    With the scalability feature, you could measure thousands of requests in just a second. Plus, with the security, all is safe against XSS attacks, among others.

  • Which well-known companies use Ruby on Rails?

    Not surprisingly, RoR is widely prevalent among big brand names due to all the practicalities RoR offers.

    Some of the companies that favor RoR are CrunchBase, Etsy, Shopify, Twitter, Airbnb, GitHub,, SlideShare, Fab, Soundcloud, Hulu, Zendesk, Bloomberg, Basecamp, Goodreads, Fiverr, MyFitnessPal, Diaspora, 500px, Scribd, Yellow Pages, Square, Couchsurfing, Groupon, Kickstarter, Dribble, Twitch, Urban Dictionary and more.

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