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Marcus Eng, the founder of PhysAct

In a world where workplace stress and illness are increasingly prevalent, PhysAct, a groundbreaking health tech company from Sweden, is making waves with innovative solutions.

About PhysAct

PhysAct is dedicated to enhancing employee well-being through a unique digital platform that combines physical exercises, theoretical lessons, and daily support from physiotherapists. The company is at the forefront of digital health solutions aimed at preventing sick leave and stress-related illnesses in the workplace.

Founded by Marcus Eng, PhysAct recognizes the importance of addressing both physical and mental well-being to create healthier workplaces. Their approach integrates various health-focused activities and professional support into a cohesive platform, helping employees manage stress and maintain their health more effectively.

PhysAct's mission is to use innovative technology to foster a work environment where employees feel supported and empowered in their health journey. By offering comprehensive solutions that cater to the needs of today’s workforce, PhysAct is contributing to the creation of healthier, more resilient workplaces.

The challenge

PhysAct faced a significant challenge finding skilled developers who could bring their vision to life. The health tech industry requires a unique blend of technical expertise and a deep understanding of health-related issues. Marcus Eng, founder of PhysAct, and his team needed fullstack engineers proficient in both frontend and backend development to transition their product from a Minimum Viable Product (MVP) to a market-ready application.

As Marcus puts it,

"The challenge we faced before working with Proxify was finding engineers."

This task was complicated by the scarcity of professionals who had the necessary technical skills and aligned with the company's culture and values. The search for the right talent proved to be a significant obstacle to PhysAct's growth.

They explored other hiring options but found them less fruitful. Ultimately, this led the company to choose Proxify. Marcus explains,

"The alternatives that we considered to Proxify were similar companies helping us out and finding people, but we ended up with Proxify due to the competence of the engineers and our personal fit. We really liked the people that we hired from them."

The solution

Proxify stepped in to help PhysAct by providing two highly skilled fullstack engineers who excel in frontend and backend development. These developers didn't just bring their technical expertise; they also fit seamlessly into PhysAct's culture, quickly becoming integral parts of the team.

As Marcus notes,

"Proxify brought value to our team through the two dedicated fullstack engineers we hired, not only from an expertise perspective, but they are two great persons that are part of the team and a hundred percent dedicated to PhysAct."

Marcus says PhysAct had considered other hiring options, but he emphasized the exceptional service they received from Proxify. It wasn’t just about technical skills; Proxify's overall support and communication stood out.

"The Proxify team, including customer success managers and other overhead departments, ensured the collaboration was smooth and productive." This holistic approach made PhysAct feel like they had an extended team committed to their success.

The results

PhysAct results

With Proxify's help, PhysAct successfully transitioned from an MVP to a robust, market-ready product. Marcus explains,

"We went from an MVP to a real product, and from a staged outcome, we now have a product that works, that is stable, and gives great data to us, but also to the companies that use our services."

This collaboration enabled PhysAct to launch their product with paying customers who are satisfied with the results. The contributions from Proxify developers have been invaluable.

"Working with the team at Proxify has been great. We had great help from customer success, especially Caroline in the Stockholm office, who was always very welcoming. Every time we're in Stockholm, we're invited to meet them, so there is great communication, support whenever we need it, and a great experience."

PhysAct's digital solution has proven its ability to reduce stress and prevent illness in the workplace, validating the company's mission. The developers from Proxify have become integral members of the PhysAct team, contributing not just through their technical skills but also through their dedication and proactive approach to improving the product.

The way forward

Looking ahead, PhysAct plans to continue using Proxify's expertise and support. Their great experience with the initial team of developers has set a positive tone for future collaborations. Marcus says he wholeheartedly recommends Proxify to other companies searching for top-tier developers and excellent service. He stresses the importance of finding partners who bring technical expertise and mesh well with the company's culture and values.

For PhysAct, Proxify has been that perfect partner, offering the right blend of skills, dedication, and support essential for thriving in the competitive health tech industry.

"If a company were skeptical about working with Proxify, I would say go for it. They are very, very good at finding talent and have great service. If I were to recommend Proxify, I would recommend them to businesses."

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