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Abdelraheem J.

Node.js Developer

Abdelraheem is a competitive software engineer specializing in web development, mainly using JavaScript, React.js, and Node.js runtime environments.

Also, he is keen on AWS and comprehensively manages CI/CD pipelines with Jenkins.

Abdelraheem started programming in 10th grade, contributing to V-Bulletin forums (HTML, CSS, PHP, MySQL).

He participated in ACM ICPC for two years before he graduated and started working in a company. In 2017, he became an official judge and problem setter in ACM ICPC, where he led code reviews and built new features and improvements using a range of programming languages.

Main expertise
  • Node.js
    Node.js 8 years
  • Express.js
    Express.js 8 years
  • MongoDB
    MongoDB 8 years
Other skills
  • AWS
    AWS 8 years
  • Team leading 8 years
  • Elixir
    Elixir 7 years
Abdelraheem J.


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Selected experience


  • Fullstack Engineer

    Stepler - 8 months

    • Developed frontend and backend parts of the project.
    • Maintained the system and implemented features.


    • Technologies:
    • Node.js Node.js
    • MongoDB MongoDB
    • GraphQL GraphQL
  • Software Engineering Consultant

    Kidpilot - 1 month

    • Identified and fixed critical performance issues that caused the system to go down.
    • Providing a full report with all details needed.


    • Technologies:
    • Node.js Node.js
    • MySQL MySQL
    • AWS AWS
  • Software Engineering Manager

    Mixed Dimensions - 5 years 6 months

    Lead API (Elixir) and Web (Node.js/React.js/PHP) teams

    • Assigned tasks
    • Oversaw time management
    • Led code review

    Led coding/building of new features and improvements using a range of programming languages/runtime-environments/frameworks:

    • Node.js: used to build GamePrint
    • Meteor Framework: used to build real-time charts, dashboards, and CSM
    • Express Framework: used to build APIs
    • React.js: used to build the frontend of GamePrint
    • PHP: used to build MakePrintable
    • Elixir: used to build heavy backend structure for code system (3D files fixing and manipulating)
    • Phoenix framework, micro-services structure with the use of AWS SQS.


    • Technologies:
    • Node.js Node.js
    • Express.js Express.js
    • MongoDB MongoDB
    • React.js React.js
    • HTML / CSS
    • Elixir Elixir
    • Team leading
  • Software Engineering Manager

    Integral Reality Labs - 5 years 3 months

    • Handled high and low-level coding challenges/structures.
    • Planned, designed, and executed quarterly roadmaps of both GamePrint and MakePrintable products.
    • Lead software engineering deliverables, code reviews, and pull request reviews.
    • Presented practical input for strategic business/technology decisions.
    • Translated business requirements into technical needs and actions.
    • Built serverless structure of play testing tool with AWS Lambda and DynamoDB, along with AWS Cloudwatch.


    • Technologies:
    • Node.js Node.js
    • MongoDB MongoDB
    • PostgreSQL PostgreSQL
    • React.js React.js
    • AWS Lambda AWS Lambda
    • DynamoDB DynamoDB
    • Elixir Elixir
    • Team leading


  • BSc.Computer Science

    Al Albayt University Al Albayt · 2012 - 2016


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