Khadija N.

PHP / Shopware Developer

Professional Symfony and PHP developer with over five years of experience in software development.

Khadija has extensive, robust problem-solving skills and proven experience creating and designing web applications in a test-driven environment.

Experienced in all five stages of the web development process, including information gathering, planning, design, development, testing, delivery, and maintenance.

Has profound experience in Shopware 5 and 6, grounded on solid skills in Symfony and Vue.js frameworks.

Khadija has excellent communication skills and places passion in her work. She is a very enthusiastic Symfony developer, bringing the great spirit to a team.

Main expertise

  • PHP PHP 5 years
  • Symfony Symfony 4 years

Other skills

  • SQL SQL 3 years
  • Zend Zend 1 years
  • PrestaShop PrestaShop 1 years

Khadija N.

26.90 € hourly


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Selected experience


  • Senior Web developer

    BLMEDiA GmbH - 9 months

    Roles and responsibilities:

    • Develop easy-to-manage and configurable Shopware plugins, and build additional functions for Shopware platform projects to address specific business needs.
    • Fully migrate existing Shopware 5 plugins to a brand new Shopware 6 system.


    • Technologies:
    • PHP PHP
    • Symfony Symfony
    • Zend Zend
  • Senior Web developer

    Spread Content - Choueiri Group - 3 years 11 months

    Roles and responsibilities:

    • Actively contributed to creating a powerful content management system (CMS) to serve as an interface for clients using the Symfony framework.
    • Launched Related engine microservice returns related articles, VODs, and quizzes based on giving input, using Farasa library that processes any Arabic language text using segmentation, lemmatisation, and ignoring stop words.
    • Achieved a reusable code structure with CMS that supports multiple projects.
    • Developed RESTful APIs to handle and transfer data and added Swagger OpenAPI annotations to document the existing APIs to mobile app developers quickly. Any new developer may join the team.
    • Set up an API token authentication system using Symfony Custom Authentication System with Guard to ensure that each request is accompanied by a signed token which the server verifies for authenticity and only then responds to the request.
    • Assisted in upgrading the CMS version from Symfony 3.4 to 4.4.
    • Integrated Redis database to create quick access to any needed configuration for the web app.
    • Helped in designing an extensive graph database (Neo4j) to store the live matches score results, teams, players, and stadium details for the Eurosport Arabia website.
    • Built hierarchical roles/permissions system to handle any data modification made by the backend editors.
    • Created Doctrine (ORM) entity classes using annotations to specify Doctrine meta-data and relationships after designing MySQL database tables.
    • Used Doctrine’s Entity Manager to store object data and Doctrine repositories to retrieve and filter data.
    • Used RabbitMQ (Message-queueing software) to reduce loads and delivery times by delegating tasks that would typically take up a lot of time or resources to a third party with no other job.
    • Integrated Webpack Encore for managing the frontend assets and minifying the CSS and JavaScript files.


    • Technologies:
    • PHP PHP
    • Symfony Symfony
  • Web Developer

    THALES IT - 1 year 2 months

    Roles and responsibilities:

    • Developed a Swiss transport platform between one advertiser and several carriers on the Zend framework and fully designed the MySQL database tables based on the project and the client requirements.
    • Developed custom modules using Zend Forms, Validations, and Layouts.
    • Worked on multilingual e-commerce website based on Prestashop platform, customised the theme, plugins, modules, and various functionality set all the requested payment gateway.
    • Became familiar with the limitations of PHP as a platform and its workarounds.
    • Designed and built a WordPress theme from scratch and created several plugins based on the client’s requirements.
    • Created WordPress custom post type and transformed the WordPress site from a blogging platform into a powerful Content Management System (CMS).
    • Created Visual Composer custom elements from the design to the functionality.
    • Wrote detailed SEO reports to the existing websites and pointed out all of the SEO errors that need to fix in order to increase the websites’ rankings.


    • Technologies:
    • PHP PHP
    • Zend Zend
    • PrestaShop PrestaShop
    • WordPress WordPress
  • Web and Android App developer - Freelancer

    ZEESWEB - 3 years

    Roles and responsibilities:

    • Designed, implemented, and managed websites using WordPress in accordance with customers’ needs.
    • Participated in developing an Android Application with Java programming language using Android Studio IDE, including needed RESTful APIs development.


    • Technologies:
    • PHP PHP
    • Java Java
    • WordPress WordPress


  • BSc.Information Technology

    Lebanese University - Faculty of Sciences · 2012 - 2016

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