Omar S.

Java, Ruby & Python developer

Omar is a versatile Senior Software Developer with proven experience and strong software engineering background using Ruby on Rails, Java, data analysis, and IT infrastructure.

He played leading roles in various projects on Telecom and IT including applications, infrastructure, and services.

Main expertise

  • Java Java 8 years
  • Hibernate Hibernate 8 years
  • Ruby on Rails Ruby on Rails 5 years

Other skills

  • PostgreSQL PostgreSQL 7 years
  • HTML HTML 5 years
  • JavaScript JavaScript 5 years

Omar S.

34.90 € hourly


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Selected experience


  • Senior Software Engineer

    Ugarit - 2 years

    • Leading backend development for a large scale fleet management system.
    • Leading intensive query reports for JPA/Hibernate & Citus/PostgreSql database.
    • Develop fleet tracking dashboards based on PostgreSql extension PostGIS.
    • Leading development of Python/Django Restful microservices, and of a multithreaded python web crawler.
    • Leading stream processing system development.
    • Supervising applying software development project management methodologies.
    • Leading mobile application development.
    • Remarkable experience in Postgresql including report generation and using
      advanced extensions like Citus and PostGIS.
  • Senior Software Engineer

    STC (Salem Trading Center), Qatar - 2 years 3 months

    • Leading system integration to push and collect data from medical instruments, to automate medical analysis processes.
    • Supervising applying software development project management methodologies.
    • Leading web applications and microservices development.
    • Leading mobile application development.
    • Experience with cloud solutions.
  • Co-founder & Software Engineer

    RIMADS, Qatar - 3 months

    • Developed python-based solution to extract unstructured medical records and books to structured formats using commercial and open source supervised IE systems such as deepdive, snorkel (Python/Jupyter notebook) and named entity
      recognition systems.
  • Senior Software Engineer

    ADLQ (Anti-Doping Lab Qatar) - 3 years 9 months

    • Improved both administration and labs performance.
    • Project coordinator for ADLQ IT infrastructure, data center and disaster recovery
    • Participated in the high-level design of ADLQ data center (VMWare hypervisor, servers, storage, networking, and security)
    • Led and participated in building multiple workflow in-house web applications for both
      administration and lab-technical purposes.
    • Led and participated in building a full-fledged Laboratory Information Management
      System (LIMS) which fully automates the lab process pipeline (Sample receipt,
      registration, batches preparation, sample analysis and reporting).
    • Designed web server hosting environment inside ADLQ infrastructure to host both internal and external web apps.
    • Built a git version control internal server to be used as an internal repository.
    • Expanded ADLQ’s software development technologies.
    • Participated in converting the development team to use agile software development methodology
  • Hardware-Software Interface Developer

    Freelance - 9 months

    • Designed and implemented a controlling and accounting desktop application using
      RFID smart cards, which was developed for Smart Cards Systems Group (SCSG).
  • QA Engineer

    SGTC - 6 years

    • Coordinating with R&D department in Germany to set-up and prepare the updated versions of the WLL system components (software/hardware).
    • Maintaining test platform using C-based NI LabWindows IDE.
    • Participating in production plans preparation.
    • Leading Functional and Final Tests of the produced boards and Terminal Stations,
      which includes providing periodical production reports, manipulating (hardware/software
      technical problems) and innovating solutions to optimize QA productivity.
    • Succeeded in finishing two contractors (44/a-ext and 37/a) by manufacturing +80K telephony lines.
    • Developed data management web-based application, to regulate,
      follow up and monitor repairing process in SGTC factory
  • Technical Engineer

    Linkcom - 2 years

    • Installed PABX racks (ALCATEL 4400, 4200 Office and OmniPCX Office) and configured their functions.
    • Was involved in maintaining and troubleshooting the


  • BSc.Electronics and Telecom Engineering

    Damascus University · 2004 - 2008

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