Omar S.

Java, Ruby & Python developer

An enthusiastic software expert with 6+ years of experience and main focus on Ruby on Rails, Python, Spring Boot, Hibernate, and Java.

Omar is a versatile senior software developer with proven experience and strong software engineering background using Ruby on Rails, Java, data analysis, and IT infrastructure.

Main expertise

  • Java Java 8 years
  • Hibernate Hibernate 8 years
  • PostgreSQL PostgreSQL 7 years

Other skills

  • HTML HTML 5 years
  • JavaScript JavaScript 5 years
  • Django Django 4 years

Omar S.

30.90 € hourly


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Selected experience


  • Senior Software Engineer

    Ugarit - 2 years

    • Leading backend development for a large scale fleet management system.
    • Leading intensive query reports for JPA/Hibernate & Citus/PostgreSql database.
    • Develop fleet tracking dashboards based on PostgreSql extension PostGIS.
    • Leading development of Python/Django Restful microservices, and of a multithreaded python web crawler.
    • Leading stream processing system development.
    • Supervising applying software development project management methodologies.
    • Leading mobile application development.
    • Remarkable experience in Postgresql including report generation and using
      advanced extensions like Citus and PostGIS.
  • Senior Software Engineer

    STC (Salem Trading Center), Qatar - 2 years 3 months

    • Leading system integration to push and collect data from medical instruments, to automate medical analysis processes.
    • Supervising applying software development project management methodologies.
    • Leading web applications and microservices development.
    • Leading mobile application development.
    • Experience with cloud solutions.
  • Co-founder & Software Engineer

    RIMADS, Qatar - 3 months

    • Developed python-based solution to extract unstructured medical records and books to structured formats using commercial and open source supervised IE systems such as deepdive, snorkel (Python/Jupyter notebook) and named entity
      recognition systems.
  • Senior Software Engineer

    ADLQ (Anti-Doping Lab Qatar) - 3 years 9 months

    • Improved both administration and labs performance.
    • Project coordinator for ADLQ IT infrastructure, data center and disaster recovery
    • Participated in the high-level design of ADLQ data center (VMWare hypervisor, servers, storage, networking, and security)
    • Led and participated in building multiple workflow in-house web applications for both
      administration and lab-technical purposes.
    • Led and participated in building a full-fledged Laboratory Information Management
      System (LIMS) which fully automates the lab process pipeline (Sample receipt,
      registration, batches preparation, sample analysis and reporting).
    • Designed web server hosting environment inside ADLQ infrastructure to host both internal and external web apps.
    • Built a git version control internal server to be used as an internal repository.
    • Expanded ADLQ’s software development technologies.
    • Participated in converting the development team to use agile software development methodology
  • Hardware-Software Interface Developer

    Freelance - 9 months

    • Designed and implemented a controlling and accounting desktop application using
      RFID smart cards, which was developed for Smart Cards Systems Group (SCSG).
  • QA Engineer

    SGTC - 6 years

    • Coordinating with R&D department in Germany to set-up and prepare the updated versions of the WLL system components (software/hardware).
    • Maintaining test platform using C-based NI LabWindows IDE.
    • Participating in production plans preparation.
    • Leading Functional and Final Tests of the produced boards and Terminal Stations,
      which includes providing periodical production reports, manipulating (hardware/software
      technical problems) and innovating solutions to optimize QA productivity.
    • Succeeded in finishing two contractors (44/a-ext and 37/a) by manufacturing +80K telephony lines.
    • Developed data management web-based application, to regulate,
      follow up and monitor repairing process in SGTC factory
  • Technical Engineer

    Linkcom - 2 years

    • Installed PABX racks (ALCATEL 4400, 4200 Office and OmniPCX Office) and configured their functions.
    • Was involved in maintaining and troubleshooting the


  • BSc.Electronics and Telecom Engineering

    Damascus University · 2004 - 2008

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