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What is Django?

Django is an open-source, Python-based framework for rapid development and practical web design. Django offers a ton of resources to handle both repetitive and novel development problems with ease, including user authentication inquiries (signing in, signing out), management forms, uploading files, and more. The Django framework allows developers to build better and more reliable web applications using significantly fewer lines of code.

  • Common applications of Django

    Django is very popular among some of the most prominent companies worldwide. These include Instagram, Mozilla, Pinterest, Spotify, National Geographic, and more. The Instagram web app has the largest Django deployment in the world, while a complex project like National Geographic’s Education page heavily relies on Django for content management and other CMS-related tasks. Using Django, Mozilla Firefox is able to handle large amounts of API requests faster and more efficiently as well. On the other hand, Spotify uses some of the Django application functionalities to handle data analysis and other backend services likewise.

  • Software developer roles within Django

    Given that Django is one of the most popular Python frameworks today, it’s no surprise that Django developers are one the most sought-out Python-related devs out there. A developer proficient in Django should be knowledgeable in how to design, implement, and troubleshoot Python code with ease. They should also have experience working with Django web debugging, tests, bugs, security, and more. Other skills a Django software engineer should know are a thorough understanding of SQL databases, high familiarity with the latest iteration of Python and its many frameworks, a sufficient understanding of REST APIs, and more. An average earning for a developer of this caliber, depending on the seniority of the position, can range anywhere between $50K to $100K a year.

  • Should I use it?

    The question of whether or not you should use a certain platform, programming language, or framework to address your needs, is a tricky one. First off, what does your project look like? Are you looking to reinvent the wheel, or is your focus on writing a fast and performative social networking application using cross-site scripting for better performance across the board? Here are some common use-cases where Django has proven to be more than sufficient to build your project from the ground up: working with a web server, developing backend APIs, securing your app from known vulnerabilities such as XSS, SQL Injection, CSRF, or Clickjacking, working with machine learning, scaling your application in either direction (up or down), and more.

  • Best uses of Django

    As one of the most commonly praised frameworks written in Python, Django is very versatile, flexible, and—depending on your approach and the number of resources you’re using—lightweight. Therefore, it can be used to create all kinds of applications, including different types of websites (wiki-style sites or content management systems), social media sites, news sites, web apps, and more. In case you are wondering: No, you don’t need a degree in computer science to write code in Django. However, you will need to have a sufficient understanding of Python, how it works and how it performs in relation to Django. Django isn’t a good fit when you need to produce small, simple apps that don’t require complex programming or databases, or if your project is too complex that requires more than a single codebase.

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