Orhan B.

Senior Data Engineer

Orhan is a Senior Data Engineer with seven years of experience. He has extensive experience in Python, Numpy, Machine Learning, Pandas, Apache Spark, AWS Technologies and SciPy.

  • He also has experience as DevOps Engineer.

  • Orhan worked in Energy, Insurance, Defense Systems industries as a Data Engineer, Data Scientist and Team Leader with local and international companies.

  • Currently, he is working at R2NET, Inc. as a Senior Data Engineer, utilizing AWS Technologies and Python skills to design and maintain efficient data pipelines for a company in diamond industry.

  • He has experience in Scrum

  • Acted as a team lead for different teams and mentored junior colleagues.

Main expertise

  • Data Science 6 years
  • Machine learning
    Machine learning 6 years
  • NumPy
    NumPy 7 years

Other skills

  • Apache Spark
    Apache Spark 3 years
  • PyTorch 3 years

Orhan B.


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Selected experience


  • Senior Data Engineer

    R2NET, Inc. - 1 year 3 months

    • As a skilled Data Engineer, main responsibilities are:

    • Utilizing AWS cloud technologies and Python to design and maintain efficient data pipelines for a prominent company in the diamond industry

    • Effectively handling and processing large-scale datasets

    • Sourcing data from multiple APIs and databases, performing data cleaning and transformation, and scheduling jobs through Airflow to deliver accurate business intelligence to the team

    • Developing custom scripts and libraries to automate data processing tasks and ensure high data quality checks

    • Proficient in working with renowned data processing frameworks

    • Proficiency in AWS services such as S3, Redshift, Glue, and Lambda has enabled the creation of efficient, scalable, and fault-tolerant data processing pipelines

    • Responsible for creating clean source data for Tableau reports presented to C-level managers, providing them with valuable insights into the business


    • Technologies:
    • Apache Spark Apache Spark
    • NumPy NumPy
    • Pandas Pandas
    • Python Python
  • Data Scientist

    General Electric Power - 9 months

    • Engaged in projects aimed at improving profit margins and productivity by executing initiatives that align with the goals and expectations of our business partners

    • Engaged in effective stakeholder communication throughout the project development phase

    • Working in the finance domain involves the development and implementation of artificial intelligence-based estimation methods, which enhances the operational capabilities of our business lines

    • Leveraged cloud-based technologies, such as Amazon Web Server, employing services such as SageMaker, Glue, and Lambda for project development and production stages


    • Technologies:
    • Data Science
    • Machine learning Machine learning
  • Associate Team Leader of Signal Processing and Machine Learning

    Baykar Defense - 2 years 2 months

    • Was responsible for overseeing a team of employees to achieve organizational growth objectives

    • Conducted meetings with senior managers to determine project requirements and guide engineers and technical staff in alignment with these requirements

    • Organized Scrum meetings and ensured that project progress remained in line with the overall business plan


    • Technologies:
    • Data Science
    • Machine learning Machine learning
  • Artificial Intelligence Software Engineer

    Baykar Defense - 10 months

    • Contributed to several projects to enhance Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) capabilities across multiple domains. This included projects related to Machine Learning, Mathematical Modeling, Optimization, and the development of Rule-Based Systems

    • Played a role in all stages of these projects, from conception to production, and improved the implementation of Machine Learning algorithms by enhancing the Python language

    • Relied heavily on data science libraries such as scikit-learn, TensorFlow, and Keras, and generally utilized the MAT- LAB platform for mathematical modeling

    • Conducted performance-oriented studies and developed Deep Learning models using C++ TensorRT, while also integrating algorithms in C/C++ languages for embedded systems

    • Made notable contributions to several projects, including:

    • Anomaly Detection; This project involved detecting faults in high-frequency time series sensors based on their compatibility with other sensor data. LSTM-based systems from artificial intelligence methods were utilized.

    • Data-Driven Physical Modelling; In this project, complex physical systems were modeled using data science methods, resulting in more robust outcomes than those produced by classical physical models

    • Landing Detection; The objective of this project was to determine the moment of an aircraft’s landing rapidly. To achieve this, rule-based solutions were developed using signal-processing algorithms for feature extraction.

    • Missile Evasion Algorithm; This project focused on calculating the optimal path instantly by utilizing optimization methods on models based on the kinematics of the aircraft and the missile.


    • Technologies:
    • Data Science
    • Machine learning Machine learning
    • Python Python
    • TensorFlow TensorFlow


  • MSc.Mathematics in Operations Research

    Technical University of Munich · 2015 - 2018

  • BSc.Mathematics

    Istanbul University · 2009 - 2014

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