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What is data engineering?

Data engineering is the process of developing and constructing large-scale data collection, storage, and analysis systems. It's a vast field that has applications in almost every industry. Data engineering teams gather and manage data on large scales, using their knowledge and the right technologies to ensure that the data is in a useful state by the time it reaches data scientists and analysts.

What data engineers do is distributing systems that collect, handle, and convert raw data into usable information for data science teams, machine learning, and business intelligence experts to later use in various applications. Their ultimate goal is to make data more available so that businesses may assess and improve their performance.

Additionally, data engineers design and build data pipelines that transform and transport large pieces of information into a highly usable format by the time it reaches the end-users. These pipelines must collect data from various sources and store it in a single data warehousing repository that represents it uniformly as a single source of information.

  • Why should you consider data engineering?

    All the most successful and agile companies nowadays are data-driven. Data engineering enables companies to grow quicker and base plenty of sales, business, and marketing strategies on proven data instead of assumptions. They can also lower their security risks and align the tasks of different team members for better productivity.

    Especially for younger and fast-growing companies, data engineering can be the first step into gathering learnings and creating a proper pipeline that will speed up progress and skyrocket growth.

  • What is big data engineering?

    Massive volumes of consumer, product, and operational data, often in the terabyte and petabyte ranges, are called big data. Big data analytics may be utilized to improve important business and operational processes, reduce compliance and regulatory risks, and generate new revenue sources.

    An information technology (IT) expert who designs, builds, tests, and maintains complicated data processing systems that work with massive data volumes is known as a big data engineer. Data specialists aggregate, cleanse, process, and enrich various types of data so that downstream data consumers, such as business analysts and data scientists, may extract information in a systematic manner. Hence, big data engineer jobs are a little harder to find the right person for.

  • Data science vs. data engineering

    As we already mentioned, data engineers and data scientists often work with the same data but in different stages of “crunching” the information.

    A data engineer creates, tests, and maintains data pipelines and architectures for usage by data scientists. They help the data scientist deliver correct metrics by doing the homework.

    On the other hand, to solve business challenges, a data scientist cleans and analyzes data, solves queries, and gives measurements. Other similar job positions revolving around data are cloud computing experts, data architects, and computer science engineers.

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