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Rigers S.

Frontend Developer

Rigers is a highly skilled software engineer with over 6 years of experience, specialized in frontend development with expertise in TypeScript and Angular framework.

He has worked on a variety of web applications across different industries, demonstrating a solid understanding of scalable frontend architectures and complex problem-solving.

He is known for his dedication to delivering high-quality code and staying up-to-date with emerging technologies.

He is a proactive team player with a strong focus on continuously improving the system and ensuring accessibility for all users. With his ability to work collaboratively and effectively communicate with technical and non-technical stakeholders, he is a valuable asset to any team.

Main expertise
  • Angular
    Angular 7 years
  • TypeScript
    TypeScript 7 years
  • HTML / CSS 8 years
Other skills
  • Chart.js 6 years
  • UI 5 years
  • UX 5 years
Rigers S.


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Selected experience


  • Senior Frontend Engineer

    AMYGDALAB LTD - 2 years 3 months

    • Create Electronic Document Management and Smart Contracts software solutions tailored to each client's needs.
    • Create reusable modules that can be shared across multiple projects to improve efficiency and consistency.
    • Optimize rendering performance to enhance the user experience of a heavily interactive platform.
    • Provide design recommendations for new code or reuse of existing code.
    • Conduct research, analyse, and develop product features of increasing complexity.
    • Ensure code quality by following best practices of the Angular framework.
    • Collaborate with backend developers to design RESTful APIs that integrate with front-end systems.
    • Integrate third-party systems through APIs to enhance the functionality of the software solutions.


    • Technologies:
    • Angular Angular
    • TypeScript TypeScript
    • HTML / CSS
    • RxJs RxJs
    • GraphQL GraphQL
    • Tailwind Tailwind
    • Agile Agile
  • Senior Software Engineer

    MOVE ENGINEERING EU S.P.A - 5 months

    • Develop a cutting-edge system that enables efficient visualization and management of IoT-generated data for industrial apps.
    • Utilize Angular to create robust frontend applications for road safety systems and IoT.
    • Design and develop reusable modules that can be shared across different applications.
    • Provide technical recommendations and solutions for new code development and the reuse of existing code.
    • Conduct research and provide technical solutions for frontend applications, tailored to meet client requirements.
    • Improved web application performance significantly through the use of Angular.
    • Lead development teams and mentor junior staff.
    • Continuously identify and eliminate inefficiencies and errors in code to ensure optimal performance.


    • Technologies:
    • Angular Angular
    • TypeScript TypeScript
    • RxJs RxJs
    • GraphQL GraphQL
    • Tailwind Tailwind
    • Agile Agile
  • Software Engineer

    TECNOSITAF S.P.A - 3 years 6 months

    • Building customized software solutions from scratch to enterprise level for Tolling Systems, IoT, and road safety management that meet the unique requirements and specifications of each client.
    • Making design and technical decisions for Angular2+ projects.
    • Taking an active role in structuring single-page applications for easy maintenance and high modularity.
    • Researching, analysing, and developing increasingly complex product features.
    • Cooperating closely with backend developers to design and integrate RESTful APIs for seamless functionality of the Angular application.


    • Technologies:
    • Angular Angular
    • TypeScript TypeScript
    • RxJs RxJs
    • Tailwind Tailwind
    • Nest.js Nest.js
    • Agile Agile


  • BSc.Computer Engineering

    Polytechnic University of Tirana · 2012 - 2016


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