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Omer A.

Data Scientist

Omer is a highly skilled Data Scientist and Machine Learning Engineer with over four years of experience in research and development. His expertise spans various domains, including LLMs, NLP, Reinforcement Learning, Time Series Forecasting, Medical Imaging, and end-to-end Machine Learning Systems architecture.

Omer has a proven track record of delivering exceptional results. He excels in developing, deploying, and monitoring advanced Machine and Deep Learning models, which have been integral to the success of various customer applications.

His proficiency and commitment to excellence highlight his significant contributions to the fields of data science and machine learning.

Hoofd expertise
  • NLP 5 jaar
  • Python
    Python 5 jaar
  • Data Science 6 jaar
Andere vaardigheden
  • TypeScript
    TypeScript 2 jaar
  • Neo4j
    Neo4j 1 jaar
  • Scrapy
    Scrapy 1 jaar
Omer A.


Aan de slag

Geselecteerde ervaring


  • Machine Learning Engineer/Data Scientist

    Vodafone - 9 maanden

    Large Language Models (LLMs), ChatGPT, Prompt Engineering, Retrieval Augmented Generation (RAG), Chatbots, NLP, Keyword Extraction, Keyword Matching, Semantic Search, LangChain, FastAPI.


    • Technologieën:
    • Neo4j Neo4j
    • NLP
    • Python Python
    • FastAPI FastAPI
    • ChatGPT API ChatGPT API
  • Senior Data Scientist/Machine Learning Engineer

    Presify.Ai - 1 jaar 6 maanden

    • Implementing Time Series Forecasting models to predict the power generation of thousands of renewable plants for both intra-day and day-ahead markets using LSTM, XGBoost, LightGBM, and Random Forest.
    • Implementing Anomaly Detection algorithms to find extreme values in Time Series Data.
    • Conducting extensive data preprocessing and feature engineering to improve models' accuracy and scalability.
    • Designing Machine Learning development and production environments with microservice architecture in Kubernetes clusters and Kubeflow.
    • Deploying machine learning models into production using various deployment strategies, such as REST APIs, KServe, BentoML, and containerization technologies like Docker and Kubernetes.
    • Continuously monitoring and training deployed machine learning models using performance metrics and user feedback, making adjustments and improvements as necessary to meet business requirements.
    • Developing and maintaining core microservices for the production environment using FastAPI, Flask, and Node.js.
    • Proficient in BERT, LLM, ChatGPT, Fine-Tuning, NLP, LLaMa, RAG, ChatGPT API, LangChain, and Agents.


    • Technologieën:
    • NLP
    • Python Python
    • Kubernetes Kubernetes
    • Kubeflow Kubeflow
    • FastAPI FastAPI
    • SQL SQL
    • ChatGPT API ChatGPT API
  • Data Scientist/Machine Learning Engineer

    Titra Technology - 2 jaar

    • Processed and analyzed high-dimensional 3D TOF MRA images under the supervision of a radiology group.
    • Developed, optimized, and implemented 3D Vision Transformer, 3D Res U-Net, and 3D Attention U-Net-based deep models and their variants to provide diagnostic assistance for intracranial pathologies like aneurysms and ischemic strokes.
    • Reduced the workload of radiologists and increased diagnostic accuracy for unruptured aneurysms by 10% with the assistance of developed models.
    • Successfully developed and deployed Object Detection and Segmentation models for embedded devices such as UAVs, resulting in increased accuracy and efficiency in aerial surveillance and monitoring operations.
    • Developed custom deployment pipelines and workflows that improved the deployment process of machine learning models, leading to a significant reduction in time-to-production.


    • Technologieën:
    • Python Python
    • Machine Learning Machine Learning
    • SQL SQL


  • BSc.Computer Engineering

    Erciyes University · 2014 - 2018

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