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How to write a job ad worth applying for

A job ad is the first impression you get to make on a candidate, and it's crucial to write a good one. A well-written job ad will make a company look like an attractive place to work, attracting more qualified candidates and making it easier to find the right person for the job.

Fullstack developers are critical to the success of your development team. You might wonder how to convey this in a well-assembled fullstack developer job description. To help guide your process, let’s look at some key factors you should consider when creating your ad. Even though these tips work well in most cases, they may not apply to every position and situation.

What is a fullstack developer?

Fullstack developers build web applications that include both frontend (the user interface) and backend (the server) components. They typically take on all the responsibilities associated with building a web application, including writing clean code and managing servers.

Fullstack developers are typically more in demand than backend developers because their work is more challenging. The frontend and backend parts of the site must work together for the site to function correctly.

They may have experience working with databases or similar technologies such as mobile development. A fullstack developer works mainly in large companies where they develop products for multiple clients at once, but they sometimes work independently as a side gig or part-time job.

Tips for writing a comprehensive job ad

Fullstack developers must be proficient in many different technologies and programming languages. Understandably, choosing the correct words for your job ad can make it challenging.

Nadya Pokhyla, Head of Recruitment at Proxify, shares her thoughts on writing a catchy job ad that would land a fullstack developer for you in no time.

“A good job ad must be well-structured and focused on main points and requirements. It should not be too detailed – make it easy [for the candidate] to read [and understand]. Write it in a friendly manner (not too forma)l and play around with some emoji if you wish. A good, eye-catchy design wins too!”

author Nadya Pokhyla

Here are a few more tips to get you started on writing a fullstack developer job ad:

Use keywords

One of the essential parts of any job listing is the keywords because they let potential team members know exactly what you're looking for.

A fullstack developer ad should include keywords that a developer can search for to find the job most relevant to them. This includes "frontend," “CSS JavaScript,” "fullstack," and "Ruby on Rails." You should only use one or two per ad, as any more would overwhelm your application submissions and make it harder for you to filter through them.

That's why it's so important to be specific in your use of keywords – you want to come up in people's searches when they look for those terms, so they have no choice but to see your ad!

The ad should also include the technologies that the company uses, so applicants know whether they would fit in with the team and not waste anyone's time by applying.

Be specific

As a hiring manager, it's essential to be as clear and specific as possible when posting the fullstack developer job ad. When potential candidates read your post, they should know exactly what they'll be working on and be able to picture themselves in the role. This may seem simple, but far too many companies use vague language in their ads, leaving candidates confused about what the job will entail.

A good rule of thumb is be more specific than you think is necessary. While it's tempting to leave some things out of your job description – like those weird little quirks specific to your team – that information could be crucial for a candidate deciding whether to apply.

Highlight your company's culture

Make it easy for potential candidates to understand what your company is about, what your culture is like, and how you can benefit them. People are looking for opportunities where they can see themselves having fun, learning new things, and being productive.

While this doesn't need to be an exhaustive list of every benefit you offer (your job description might already do that), think about what would be most significant to the develpers you're trying to attract. If it costs nothing or nearly nothing to offer something, go ahead and include it. Like any other job listing, your goal is to get as much interest as possible from qualified candidates.

Write in the first person

First-person writing is better than third-person writing because it puts the reader in your shoes and sounds more conversational and relatable. This makes it easier to imagine that you're talking directly with them.

Instead of saying, "You will be responsible for," consider writing, "We are looking for someone who…." This puts you on a more personal level and shows that you value the applicant as a person, not just a potential team member.

Avoid using irrelevant buzzwords

While it is tempting to use industry buzzwords to attract the right kind of applicants, avoid doing so unless the position actually requires them.

If you need to hire a fullstack developer, you are looking for someone who can develop both the frontend and backend of your product. The description should focus on the skills required for this role precisely.

Avoid using irrelevant buzzwords or clichés in your job ad. If you're going to use words like "best," "awesome," or "exciting," make sure you can back up the claim with examples and use those words in a way that reflects how you'd talk about the job role at hand.

Make sure it has a clear structure

A fullstack developer job ad should begin by describing what kind of developer you're looking for and how they'd fit into your team. It should also include a list of desired skills, qualifications and experience that makes clear what kind of tech expert you're looking for. You want to look for someone with solid technical skills who can contribute to your company's work in both the short-term and long-term – with relevant experience and room for growth.

The rest of the job ad should provide an overview of your company culture, including its goals, values, and perks. This will help applicants decide if they really want to work there before they apply, saving everyone time in the process.

What makes a good fullstack developer?

An excellent fullstack developer candidate for your organization should have the following:

  • Experience with the technologies you use
  • Understanding of the industry and market trends
  • Willingness to learn new technologies and tools
  • A passion for writing clean code that is easy to maintain
  • Good at solving problems and taking on new challenges
  • Have excellent communication skills and liaise with design teams and other teams in the organization
  • The ability to work well in a team environment

A quick recap

When you're writing a fullstack developer job ad, there are some things you should do and some things you shouldn't. Here are a few dos and dont's to remember as you write your next job posting.


  • Highlight the value of the products and services that your company provides.

  • Focus on the benefits of working at your company, not just on the skills required for the position.

  • Describe what it's like to work there.Give examples of what employees have done in the past, and why they love their jobs.


  • Describe yourself as an "innovative" company without providing evidence of innovation or how your team members develop innovative ideas daily.

  • Make any promises about compensation or benefits that aren't backed up by facts or data (such as "competitive compensation").


Overall, the steps above should help you improve your own job ad and attract the best candidates for your team. Remember, great developers, are out there right now, just waiting to be hired.

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