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What is the Flask framework?

Flask is a web microframework based on the programming language Python. It’s considered a “microframework” because it can work on its own, i.e. it doesn’t need any particular sets of tools, libraries or other frameworks. In other words: it has a very small number of external dependencies (or none at all, depending on the workflow). Out of all the Python-based web frameworks, Flask is thought to be the most lightweight framework of all of them.

  • Why use Flask in website development?

    Flask is lightweight, has an intuitive syntax and is very easy to learn—which makes it the perfect choice for building websites or other types of web applications. It’s also written in Python, which adds an additional level of familiarity to developers who are already familiar with this language. With Flask, you can create a web app from scratch, or even migrate an existing one to a compatible web server of your choice.

  • How is Flask related to Python?

    Flask is a Python framework (also written in Python), meaning that most of Flask’s functionalities are directly correlated to the logical workflow and the Python syntax as well. To that end, perhaps Flask is best used as a Python web framework and has a really short learning curve that any developer can pick up on in a matter of days. Other popular Python frameworks for web development include Django, FastAPI, Bottle, TurboGears, and more.

  • Flask vs Django

    Both Django and Flask are open source frameworks, and besides the fact that both are based on Python, this is where almost all of their similarities end. Flask is a minimalist framework suitable for single-page web applications built with reduced lines of code. Django, on the other hand, is an object-oriented framework (or at least, follows this approach) that leverages the use of classes and is suitable for web applications that contain multiple pages. Finally, Django admin is a tool for building web applications without the aid of any external input.

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