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Why use Magento?

Magento is a highly-customizable eCommerce platform and content management system for online store development. Magento is owned by Adobe Inc. and has a self-hosted Open-Source installation package and Commerce cloud platform.

  • What language is Magento written in?

    Magento backend is written in PHP with elements of the Zend framework and uses the MySQL relational database. Magento frontend is built with HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. The platform’s APIs support both REST and SOAP protocols.

  • How to use Magento?

    You download the Magento installation that has a set of out-of-the-box features for eCommerce websites, like catalog and content management; integrated checkout, payment, and shipping; multilanguage and multicurrency support, and site search algorithm. Then you extend your Magento store capabilities by adding extensions and third-party integrations from the official marketplace or hire Magento developers to customize code and create unique functionality and design.

  • Is Magento a good e-commerce platform?

    Magento is a good choice for medium to large eCommerce businesses. It has solid core functionality and thousands of free-of-charge and paid extensions for marketing, accounting, content optimization, etc. in its marketplace and integrated solutions for multi-channel selling.

  • How much does Magento cost?

    Magento Open Source is free-of-charge software, however, it may require adding some paid extensions. Magento Commerce has Starter and Pro payment plans with subscription prices starting at 1,600 USD / month.

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