Rafael B.

Frontend Developer

Rafael is a seasoned software developer with five years of experience. He is particularly proficient in Vue.js and Nuxt.js and has developed a deep understanding of these technologies through years of practical application.

His expertise in these areas has allowed him to create robust and efficient applications that are intuitive and easy to use.

Rafael's work primarily involves frontend development with occasional backend tasks. He builds and maintains projects that prioritize delivering clean and responsive user interfaces while following Figma's original layout to ensure consistency and accuracy.

Over the past four years, Rafael has utilized Vue/Nuxt to construct SPA projects and reusable component libraries for significant endeavors. As a member of Sprint or Kanban squads, he prioritizes delivering speedy and high-quality outputs.

Main expertise
  • HTML / CSS 5 years
  • JavaScript
    JavaScript 5 years
  • Nuxt.js
    Nuxt.js 3 years
Other skills
  • Tailwind
    Tailwind 1 years
  • Node.js
    Node.js 1 years
Rafael B.


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Selected experience


  • Software Engineer

    Logcomex - 3 years 6 months

    • Lead the frontend development team and work closely with engineering coordinators to gather feedback and make technical decisions;
    • Provide support and mentorship to developers, ensuring that they have the resources they need to succeed;
    • Utilize Vue.js, Vuetify, Nuxt, Node, Laravel, and PostgreSQL for frontend and backend development;
    • Maintain and improve the monolithic frontend project to ensure that it meets evolving user needs;
    • Foster collaboration between teams and align company frontends through the use of shared tools and best practices;
    • Prioritize technical improvement and professional development for all team members, seeking out new tools and techniques to stay on the cutting edge of frontend development.


    • Technologies:
    • Nuxt.js Nuxt.js
    • Vue.js Vue.js
    • Vuetify Vuetify
    • Vuex Vuex
  • Frontend Developer

    Páprica Comunicação - 1 year 3 months

    • As a frontend developer, my work involves both frontend and occasional backend tasks.
    • I specialize in WordPress and utilize various frontend tools and technologies such as JavaScript, Sass, JQuery, Gulp, and Git to develop highly responsive and user-friendly interfaces.


    • Technologies:
    • JavaScript JavaScript


  • Standalone courseComputer Programming

    Instituto Federal do Paraná - IFPR · 2014 - 2015

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