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Why use C#?

C# (C Sharp) is a general-purpose programming language similar to Java. Its distinctive features are type-safety that reduces the number of errors in code; support of modern features like garbage collection, automatic memory management, and debugging tools, that simplify developers’ work; interoperability that makes C# compatible with other languages; and high performance that makes it a good choice for resource-heavy software.

  • What is C# used for?

    Initially, C# was meant for Windows desktop applications development. Now, it’s often used in video games and VR apps built with the Unity game engine. In mobile development, C# is used to create cross-platform apps with the Xamarin framework. Apart from that, internal enterprise software is often written using C#.

  • Why is C# so popular?

    C# is in the top five programming languages in the TIOBE index. It gained popularity thanks to the strong support from Windows and the active community committed to the continuous innovation and introduction of new features. Being used in trending domains of the game and VR development, C# will continue to grow in popularity.

  • What language is C# based on?

    C# belongs to the C family of languages. Its syntax is close to C/C++. On the feature level, it’s very similar to Java.

  • Do you need .NET for C#?

    C# was initially created at Microsoft as a .NET compatible language to create apps that run in the .NET ecosystem. C# code doesn’t compile to native code and requires .NET runtime to get executed.

  • Is C# good for web development?

    As a programming language, C# is one of the more popular options for web development, being a Microsoft programming language and a part of the framework .NET, which supports more than 45 programming languages.

    Certain features make C# suitable for web development because it is object-oriented and straightforward. With the purpose of CLI (Common Language Infrastructure), it consists of a code that you can execute efficiently. It also offers a suitable runtime environment that allows for various wireframes and architectures.

    A developer can use C# for game development (most popular usage), backend services, web development, and Windows applications. Still, developers like it because it is a user-friendly program and not dependent on the computer's hardware. For a web developer, it is also crucial that C# allows them to locate errors on time due to the easy and early check of the code through the framework.

    With the usage of C#, perks are coming along, easing up the web development process, such as broad functionality features, a rich library, good integration capabilities, a flexible and accessible system, and easy managing of native code blocks.

    As a popular app-creation tool, C# is mostly a fantastic option for developers interested in game development and virtual reality, among other things in the development context.

  • Is C# similar to Java?

    C# is used to create GUI-based, web-based desktop applications, web services, and web applications at a large scale and is majorly famous for game development. On the other hand, developers use Java for building applications for multiple platforms—tablets, mobile phones, televisions, desktops, servers, and web browsers.

    The mutual connection point between C# and Java is that both are object-oriented languages, and their mutual influence is the programming language C++. Both C# and Java have similar features and syntax, but C# stands out with a more significant number of features since it is pretty new, released in 2000, compared to Java, released in 1995.

    A similarity they also share is the dependence on a third-party framework and reusable components. Still, a difference between the two is that C# has fewer frameworks than Java and is less portable.

    Additionally, if a developer decides to build an application with one of these two languages, in that case, it means the developer can create the same application with the unchosen language—affirming a certain similarity regarding usability.

  • Is C# better than JavaScript?

    These two languages differentiate when compared, of course, and anyone with expertise will see the differences and various purposes of the two, even with the overlapping points mutually.

    C# is object-oriented, and developers can use it within HTML to determine and estimate data and implement server code writing, whereas JavaScript is for scripting and usage in HTML. Additionally, if we measure the performance between the two, they seem equally good. Regarding stability, C# wins with flexibility and coding language consistency.

    C# is better than JavaScript, less tedious, has additional support, newer versions, updates, and fewer bugs compared to the coding speed and simplicity. If we compare the popularity aspect, JavaScript is better, with most developers choosing it over another language. Also, JavaScript has a much broader community.

    Let’s examine the simplicity of learning. C# is much easier to learn with its simple syntax. Also, the developer can easily detect errors and manage them, which is not the case with JavaScript.

    In conclusion, despite both costing the same for development, if you have a complex application to make and a lot of time for it, you will choose C#, but if it is a smaller scope app with a tight deadline, you will select the JavaScript.

  • Can C# be used for AI?

    In mentions of programming languages that are the best for AI development, C# appears occasionally but less frequently than Java or Python. On the other hand, Python is great for AI, with special libraries dedicated to this exact purpose, compared to C#. Despite this fact, C# looks promising with its steady pace towards AI in general and the rise of popularity for this usage.

    But at the same time, a developer can use C# fully for AI or for creating learning models with .NET by Microsoft. Yes, an expert can use C# to write AI, but preferably if that expert is not new to coding and has some medium or advanced expertise. For AI applications, now Microsoft is using C# too. But how is this done? All .NET developers have multiple options for incorporating AI into their apps through pre-built tools, CNTK (Microsoft Cognitive Toolkit), Tensor, and Azure Machine Learning.

    To sum up the information, C# seems to be suitable for AI if you place gaming into the AI category, so if you are familiar with the gaming development or interested in it, and the gaming engine Unity too, you should be good with using C# in this context.

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