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Oguz K.

Data Scientist

Oguz is a seasoned data science professional with five years of commercial experience and strong Python and Data Science proficiency.

With a background that includes terms at Unilever and Experian, Oguz has honed his skills and expertise, making him a valuable asset in the field. His ability to effectively analyze complex datasets and deliver actionable insights sets him apart in the industry.

In addition to his primary focus on software engineering, Oguz's diverse skill set and experience make him a well-rounded professional ready to take on any challenge. With a PhD in Information Management, he brings a unique blend of academic rigour and practical know-how to his work.

Main expertise
  • Data Science 5 years
  • Python
    Python 5 years
  • BeautifulSoup
    BeautifulSoup 5 years
Other skills
  • Digital marketing 3 years
  • eCommerce 3 years
  • JSON
    JSON 3 years
Oguz K.


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Selected experience


  • Senior Analytics Consultant

    Experian - 1 year 3 months

    • Implemented income estimation, loan limit estimation, and probability of default models to replace manual decision-making processes with automated ML frameworks for a public bank in Turkey;
    • Designed and developed CRM segmentation and propensity-to-buy models for a private bank using customer data to enhance the effectiveness of marketing campaigns;
    • Conducted data preprocessing, feature engineering, and model selection to optimize model performance and accuracy;
    • Oversaw the deployment of machine learning models into production, ensuring seamless integration with existing systems and processes;
    • Stayed updated on the latest developments in machine learning and data science to ensure the application of best practices and state-of-the-art techniques.


    • Technologies:
    • Python Python
    • AWS S3 AWS S3
    • Data Analytics
    • Data Engineering
    • Docker Docker
    • Git Git
    • Machine Learning Machine Learning
    • MLOps
    • NumPy NumPy
    • Pandas Pandas
    • Postman Postman
    • Random Forest Random Forest
    • Scikit-learn Scikit-learn
    • SQL SQL
    • VSCode VSCode
  • Data Engagement Lead

    Unilever - 2 years

    • Implemented NLP and clustering models to effectively segment Unilever's digital consumer landscape based on online behavior data, enhancing the company's understanding of its customer base;
    • Designed and oversaw the rollout of a Power BI dashboard platform, which aggregated real-time marketing and social analytics data, making it a valuable tool for decision-makers within the organization;
    • Achieved recognition by having the Power BI dashboard platform included in Unilever's Top 20 most active dashboards globally, reflecting its high impact and usage across the company;
    • Strong analytical and technical skills in utilizing NLP and clustering techniques to extract meaningful patterns from large datasets, driving data-driven decision-making at Unilever;
    • Contributed significantly to Unilever's market understanding and marketing effectiveness by providing data-driven insights and user-friendly dashboards that aided strategic planning and execution.


    • Technologies:
    • Data Analytics
    • Machine Learning Machine Learning
    • Microsoft Power BI Microsoft Power BI
    • NLP
  • Digital Business Models Specialist

    Unilever - 10 months

    • Played a pivotal role in designing the data collection frameworks for Unilever's inaugural B2B (Business-to-Business) and D2C (Direct-to-Consumer) brands;
    • Demonstrated a solid ability to strategize and implement data collection processes that aligned with Unilever's goals and objectives, contributing to the company's data-driven decision-making capabilities;
    • Maintained a keen focus on data privacy and compliance, ensuring that all data collection activities adhered to relevant regulations and industry standards;
    • Continuously monitored and refined the data collection frameworks to adapt to changing market dynamics and consumer behaviors, enhancing Unilever's ability to stay agile and responsive in the marketplace;
    • Ultimately, it was pivotal in laying the foundation for data-driven insights and personalized customer experiences for Unilever's B2B and D2C brands, contributing to their growth and success.


    • Technologies:
    • Data Analytics
    • eCommerce
    • SQL SQL


  • Doctor Of PhilosophyInformation Management

    NOVA IMS University · 2023 - 2026

  • MSc.Data Science and Advanced Analytics

    NOVA IMS University · 2020 - 2023

  • BSc.Electrical and Electronics Engineering

    Koç University · 2012 - 2016

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