Hire Senior And Trusted Ionic Framework Developers

Hire Senior And Trusted Ionic Framework Developers

We have taken Ionic freelance developers through a comprehensive vetting process and chosen only the very best in their field, so that you can focus on what really matters: building your product.

Hire Talented Ionic professionals

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“It was only when we started working with Proxify, with just remote developers, that everything fell into place.”

Adrian Swartz, Gigway CEO

How it works

2-3 mins

Tell us about your needs

Talk to us about your technical requirements and goals for your product or project.

1-2 weeks

Meet and work with your new tech star

Within days, you will meet and work with a hand-selected and quality-assured tech talent.

1 week

Right person for the right assignment, guaranteed

Completely risk-free for a week. Pay only if satisfied.

There are other Ionic programmers

Get in touch with us to get personalised matching with the best Ionic app developers for your project.

What You Get When You Hire an Ionic Developer

Ionic engineers are web developers with a toolkit for building and deploying PWAs, web, mobile, and desktop apps out of a single codebase. If you want to build cross-platform experiences for your customers or employees, consider hiring Ionic programmers. They can either extend your existing web app to multiple platforms or build a new hybrid app that would feel and look native on any device.

Ionic engineers follow hybrid-web approach

Unlike other cross-platform mobile development frameworks, Ionic allows building UI with HTML, CSS, and JS. It means the whole UI layer of the Ionic app is platform-independent and same UI app components run on iOS, Android, Browsers, and Desktop (Electron). Having a shared UI layer in the app, Ionic framework developers maximize code reuse and build apps fast.

Ionic programmers work with different tech stacks

Ionic 4.0 integrates with all the popular JS frameworks. Whether you have a React, Angular, Vue, or Vanilla JavaScript web app, Ionic developers can work with your existing codebase. They’ll develop mobile-specific markup for mobile layout to adapt your code for mobile platforms. For your app to use native device features, like camera or geolocation, Ionic programmers will leverage portable APIs or plugins. Those plugins will abstract the underlying platform dependencies from your app’s code.

Enterprises often engage Ionic app developers

Ionic developers can use either open-source development kit or paid enterprise platform. The paid version of Ionic allows using enterprise-grade scalable tools, advanced security features, and premium plugins for accessing device native functionality. Those advanced features help companies speed up development timelines, reduce risks, and improve their operational agility.

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Have a question about hiring a Ionic professional?

How much does it cost to hire a Ionic at Proxify?

When it comes to pricing, we believe in transparency. You always know how much you will pay. Our simplest pricing plan is flexible pricing where you pay between 28 and 35 euros / hour. That's it, no hidden costs and no startup fees. The price you pay between 28 and 35 € / hour depends on the experience and seniority of the Ionic selected. If you know in advance that you will need someone part-time or full-time, we can offer you an even lower rate if you are able to commit to those hours. You can always switch between our pricing plans.

How does the risk-free trial period with a Ionic work?

It's simple, due to our thorough and best-in-class vetting process, we know that our Ionic are among the very best in their field. This is why we can offer you a risk-free trial for one week. You only pay if satisfied.

Can Proxify really present a suitable Ionic within 1 week?

Yes, in close to all cases we can present a Ionic within a week. There can be cases where a client might be searching for a Ionic with particular, additional skills or experience and then it can sometimes take longer to find the right candidate. If you feel that your case may be unique or particular in any way, get in touch and we will be able ascertain the most likely timeframe for finding the perfect profile that suits your needs.

How does the vetting process work?

We pride ourselves on the fact that we have one of the industry's most comprehensive vetting processes. We receive thousands of applications from who apply to become a part of Proxify but only a fraction of those developers pass through our screening process: interviews, code, logic, personality and English tests - we told you it was comprehensive! Indeed under 4% of those that apply become a part of Proxify and this enables us to guarantee that you will be presented with a senior, trusted who we know will be the perfect match for your company.

Stress-free hiring of tech expertise starts here

Coding is a universal language. That’s why Proxify searches far and wide for the best global talent within tech. We make it safe, secure and easy to hire developers and designers. And at a good price, of course.

In a short 15-minute call, we would like to:

  • Understand the type of talent your company needs
  • Discuss the most suitable engagement plan for you
  • Tell you exactly how Proxify works

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