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What You Get When You Hire an Ionic Developer

Ionic engineers are web developers with a toolkit for building and deploying PWAs, web, mobile, and desktop apps out of a single codebase. If you want to build cross-platform experiences for your customers or employees, consider hiring Ionic programmers. They can either extend your existing web app to multiple platforms or build a new hybrid app that would feel and look native on any device.

  • Ionic engineers follow hybrid-web approach

    Unlike other cross-platform mobile development frameworks, Ionic allows building UI with HTML, CSS, and JS. It means the whole UI layer of the Ionic app is platform-independent and same UI app components run on iOS, Android, Browsers, and Desktop (Electron). Having a shared UI layer in the app, Ionic framework developers maximize code reuse and build apps fast.

  • Ionic programmers work with different tech stacks

    Ionic 4.0 integrates with all the popular JS frameworks. Whether you have a React, Angular, Vue, or Vanilla JavaScript web app, Ionic developers can work with your existing codebase. They’ll develop mobile-specific markup for mobile layout to adapt your code for mobile platforms. For your app to use native device features, like camera or geolocation, Ionic programmers will leverage portable APIs or plugins. Those plugins will abstract the underlying platform dependencies from your app’s code.

  • Enterprises often engage Ionic app developers

    Ionic developers can use either open-source development kit or paid enterprise platform. The paid version of Ionic allows using enterprise-grade scalable tools, advanced security features, and premium plugins for accessing device native functionality. Those advanced features help companies speed up development timelines, reduce risks, and improve their operational agility.

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