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What is Next.js?

Next.js is a JavaScript framework for building single-page web applications with server-side rendering, automatic code-splitting, and building static websites. Next.js is based on Node.js and features a variety of the React framework functionalities (like the ones mentioned above), plus more. It’s the ideal framework for lightweight web development, creating an intuitive user experience (UI) and other simpler projects.

  • What is Next.js used for

    The applicability of Next.js extends far and wide, but it’s mostly focused on web development, server-side rendering (SSR) and static site generation (SSG). Next.js is a very SEO-friendly framework, which means that you can build a variety of websites using this framework. Coupled with the fact that React is one of the most popular frameworks today, React developers can use this notion to their advantage and start creating applications with Next.js immediately. Additionally, Next.js is an excellent choice for frontend developers who want to branch out from React and try out novel things, but without having to learn a completely new programming paradigm.

  • When to use Next.js

    Next.js is best used when search engine optimization is a key factor to your website or business. Some areas in which this applies are affiliate marketing, e-commerce, or anything that relates to selling products or services online. You can also use Next.js to create blogs, various web portals, social media projects or even streaming services like Netflix or Hulu. Technically, all of these will be also considered React apps, mostly owing to the fact that Next.js uses multiple React components to execute its functions.

  • How Next.js works

    Next.js renders the JavaScript code on the server-side and then sends simple HTML back to the user. Before Next.js, the execution of this process was somewhat hard to imagine. Then, developers had to think about multiple issues regarding it, including issues related to caching, server load, or the entire architecture on which the process was initially based. Thankfully, with Next.js, all of these hurdles are things of the past. Besides handling SSR and SSG, Next.js can also help you with incremental static regeneration (ISR) as well.

  • Next.js vs Nuxt.js

    Despite the similarity in the naming of these two frameworks, Next.js and Nuxt.js are actually quite different. Next.js is a minimalistic JavaScript framework for developing web apps with React functionalities. On the other hand, Nuxt.js is a frontend framework for developing Vue.js applications. Nuxt.js can be used to create apps with SSR, PWA, SPA, and more functionalities.

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