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Dominik Vogt, CTO at mySPOT

In today's fast-paced and interconnected world, reliable and high-speed internet access is no longer a luxury but a necessity for businesses to thrive.

Understanding this critical need, mySPOT stands as a beacon of connectivity and opportunity for companies in Germany. With its extensive network of hotspots, mySPOT is driving the digital transformation of businesses, enabling them to thrive in the modern era.

But the company’s commitment doesn't end with connectivity alone. Recognizing that sourcing IT experts can be a daunting task for businesses, especially in terms of cost and time investment, mySPOT has taken innovation a step further.

Here’s how their partnership with Proxify provided a solution for the company to find and hire qualified IT experts quickly while maintaining high-quality control standards over their hiring process.

About mySPOT

mySPOT is an innovative company based in Lippstadt, Germany, spearheading the connectivity revolution with cutting-edge hotspot solutions. With a mission to empower businesses with seamless connectivity and cost-effective IT expert solutions, mySPOT is set to redefine the way companies in Lipstaddt operate.

mySPOT has emerged as the go-to solution provider, servicing around 1.400 hotspots with more than 4 million visitors annually. These hotspots ensure uninterrupted connectivity, empowering businesses to operate efficiently, collaborate seamlessly, and stay ahead in the competitive landscape.

The challenge

One critical factor for success is acquiring top-notch IT experts to drive technological advancements and maintain a competitive edge.

It is no secret that hiring developers in Germany is challenging for businesses. Traditional approaches to hiring IT experts can often take time and effort to navigate. mySPOT, too, was facing significant issues sourcing developers.

Dominik Vogt, CTO at mySPOT, spoke about the hiring difficulties they’ve experienced.

"We spoke to several German companies who promised many things, but we still found that hiring within the German sector is not always easy.”

Vogt added that ​​getting the best tech experts locally is not always possible because Lippstadt has a population of 70.000 people, and not all of them work in the tech industry.

Due to the high cost and time-consuming process of finding the right individuals, they needed help to keep their IT operations running smoothly. Furthermore, they needed help identifying the truthfulness of potential candidates' skills and abilities.

The solution

mySPOT turned to Proxify after discovering the service through a simple Google search. They were intrigued by the affordable pricing, quick response times, and Proxify's user-friendly backend.

“When I saw the cost of hiring with Proxify, I couldn’t believe how affordable it is, knowing that I would pay more than double their amount when working with other hiring companies who often make several promises but struggle to fulfill those commitments.”

Proxify's vetting process allowed mySPOT to avoid the strenuous process of scouting for tech experts.

“I do not have to scout through hundreds of online platforms for suitable tech experts and contact them directly.”

Vogt also expressed his satisfaction with the client manager assigned to work with him. He mentioned their valuable support, ensuring mySPOT could connect with the suitable candidates.

“[The client manager took the time to] understand what we are searching for, improving the overall vetting process from the candidates. They also communicated openly with us.”

What stood out for Vogt was being introduced to Proxify’s way of working, which positively impacted him.

“You have access to what the team members hired through Proxify are doing. This helps build trust, which is one of the most important things you can have when working with a team member or a third party like Proxify. [It gives me peace of mind] that we can rely on Proxify’s service while focusing on everything else.”

He shared how having access to Proxify's coaching team also surprised them, which was a refreshing addition he does not see done by other companies. The coaching team works hand in hand with the developer if a client thinks there is an area of development the candidate can improve on, especially in their soft skills. This is an added bonus he says he doesn’t often see in other companies.

The results

Since partnering with Proxify, mySPOT has seen remarkable improvements in its operations. They have secured senior-level IT experts at a fraction of the cost, leading to a 30% to 40% savings compared to other consulting services. Additionally, the speed of Proxify's service has allowed mySPOT to triple the time spent on their engagements. They have also been able to delegate work more effectively and tackle challenges as a team.

The way forward

Through Proxify, mySPOT has overcome geographical barriers and expanded its reach beyond 20 000 users in Germany. By working hand in hand with Proxify, they were able to tap into a vast pool of talented tech experts, and the goal is to continue to do so.

Vogt added that without Proxify’s help, they would not have been as lucky with their talent pool.

“If we would not work with Proxify, we would still be searching for people [to grow our team].”

This strategic partnership has eliminated mySPOT’s need for time-consuming and costly recruitment processes.

For companies considering getting in touch with Proxify, Vogt suggests this:

”Just try it out. You don't have to spend a ton [of money]. You [also] don't have to get eight guys to work on a single engagement – start with what you need. If you are happy with the process, you can decide how to scale it.”

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