Hire Senior And Trusted Golang Developers

Hire Senior And Trusted Golang Developers

We have taken freelance Golang developers through a comprehensive vetting process and chosen only the very best in their field, so that you can focus on what really matters: building your product.

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Why use Go?

Go is a compiled, concurrent, garbage-collected, statically typed language. It was developed and open-sourced in 2007 by Google. The Golang’s selling point is in the solid balance between speed, ease, and safety. Its biggest advantage over other languages is support for concurrency.

What is Go most similar to?

Some say Go is the new Java. Others claim Go is C for the 21st century. Both statements are partially true because Go inherited syntax, static typing, and runtime efficiency from the C family. However, Go was influenced by many more programming languages. It has Python’s readability, Limbo’s concurrency, JavaScript’s usability. The main purpose of its creators was to melt the ease of programming of interpreted, dynamically-typed languages with the efficiency and safety of compiled statically-typed languages. They strived to create a completely new language that takes the best of both worlds and makes programming effective and fun.

What is Go used for?

Go is first and foremost a cloud software language. It works well for building any server-side programs, such as pub/sub servers and clients, caching mechanisms, integration layers, and any services performing CPU or I/O intensive tasks. It suits for building any type of API using REST, GraphQL, or gRPC. Go also is good for DevOps tasks, such as writing update scripts, server maintenance software, or batch processing.

Who uses Go?

Go is widely used by companies dealing with cloud computing. Dropbox, Terraform, Docker, and Kubernetes were written in Go. Google itself uses Go for Google Cloud Platform, YouTube, Google Chrome download server, and a bunch of smaller projects to improve scalability and performance. You’ll find some well-known names, such as Heroku, SoundCloud, BBC, Basecamp, Bitly, among the adopters of this language.

Will Go replace any other programming languages?

Golang overlaps with and outperforms other languages to some extent. However, it doesn’t mean Go will force out any of them of the market. It rather will carve out some market share and find a niche for itself. The fact is that having realized Go’s superiority in solving scalability and concurrency problems, many companies migrated some of their APIs and microservices from Python, Node, C, or Scala to this language. But they didn’t remove the old languages from their stack completely.

Is Go faster than other programming languages?

If you consider benchmarks for programming language performance comparison, you’ll see that Go is slower than C/C++, somewhat equal to Java, and faster than any other language. Among the factors that slow Golang down, programmers usually mention imperfections of its garbage collection and memory management. Anyway, real-world apps written in Go are known for their fast speed and high performance, especially those that leverage concurrent programming.

Is Go a low-level programming language?

Although Go runs with the speed of low-level languages, it doesn’t really belong to them. The built-in support for garbage collection and memory safety differentiates Go from true low-level languages. Although Go has some low-level features (like pointers), it can’t be used as a system language and is not suitable for kernel development and writing drivers.

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How much does it cost to hire a Golang at Proxify?

When it comes to pricing, we believe in transparency. You always know how much you will pay. Our simplest pricing plan is flexible pricing where you pay between 28 and 35 euros / hour. That's it, no hidden costs and no startup fees. The price you pay between 28 and 35 € / hour depends on the experience and seniority of the Golang selected. If you know in advance that you will need someone part-time or full-time, we can offer you an even lower rate if you are able to commit to those hours. You can always switch between our pricing plans.

How does the risk-free trial period with a Golang work?

It's simple, due to our thorough and best-in-class vetting process, we know that our Golang are among the very best in their field. This is why we can offer you a risk-free trial for one week. You only pay if satisfied.

Can Proxify really present a suitable Golang within 1 week?

Yes, in close to all cases we can present a Golang within a week. There can be cases where a client might be searching for a Golang with particular, additional skills or experience and then it can sometimes take longer to find the right candidate. If you feel that your case may be unique or particular in any way, get in touch and we will be able ascertain the most likely timeframe for finding the perfect profile that suits your needs.

How does the vetting process work?

We pride ourselves on the fact that we have one of the industry's most comprehensive vetting processes. We receive thousands of applications from who apply to become a part of Proxify but only a fraction of those developers pass through our screening process: interviews, code, logic, personality and English tests - we told you it was comprehensive! Indeed under 4% of those that apply become a part of Proxify and this enables us to guarantee that you will be presented with a senior, trusted who we know will be the perfect match for your company.

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