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Generally speaking, we charge for the active hours worked by the developer. All of our developers cost between 26 and 35 € / hour + VAT. The price is based on a combination of the developer's experience and the specific knowledge that he or she has.

Moreover, we apply only a Sixth Hour Rounding principle or Tenth Hour Rounding for shorter interruptions, not full hour like many other places.

On the first of each month Proxify invoices your company for the work undertaken during the previous month. This is sent from our Swedish company, allowing your company to deduct VAT where necessary.

Recruitment process

Yes, our network of developers spans a great variety of highly sought-after skills. In addition to PHP, we also recruit developers within front-end web development and design. We work with people specialising in HTML, CSS, UX/UI and JavaScript (including Vue.js, Node.js, React.js, React Native and Angular). We also work with Data Engineers (Apache Spark, Scala, Python) and Business Intelligence (Qlik Sense, QlikView, MS Power BI).

We are confident that we can always have the right developer ready to work on your company's project within a week. Once your company shows an interest in working with us, we always make sure to present a selection of developer profiles, chosen according to your needs, so that your company can make an informed decision.

In short, because our recruitment process is always led by experienced developers, which mitigates the risk of the wrong developer being picked - a potentially costly decision for your company. Choosing not to work with a developer in-house will save money but only if you find the right developer. So, if your company is unsure of what particular skill-set or technical abilities are needed in order to carry out the work you have planned, we are able to help and guide you - we know exactly what to look for. We work only with committed and highly-qualified developers, vetted against our own very high standards.

Yes, as with most positions there is a notice period to give a sense of security to both the developer and to your company. This can be agreed upon from case to case but it is normally one month for both the developer and the company. However, during the first month of the developer starting to work on your company's project, the notice period is always one week.

Yes, absolutely. However, in these cases we charge an additional 15% because the developer understandably demands a higher wage when their workload and job security is reduced.

At Proxify we work only with the best developers to ensure that we can continually deliver projects smoothly and to a high standard. When necessary, we guide both the developers and clients during the project to make sure that an effective collaboration is maintained. All developers recruited by Proxify are extremely self-going and communicative and are therefore easily integrated into your team. However, we also offer project leaders on a needs be basis who are experienced in working with developers on a remote basis.

Common misconceptions

Although no one can deny that a technical background or programming knowledge would be beneficial for a company working with freelance developers, to consider it necessary for you to work directly with a developer is missing the point in working with remote developers entirely. In order to guide a developer throughout a project, the emphasis should rather be placed on communication. It is the developer's job to understand what it is they will be required to do according to the requirements that your company has. Furthermore, if necessary we will gladly help your company in getting set up and ready by showing you exactly how we have worked with remote developers successfully in the past.

That there seems to be an endless supply of developers in Eastern Europe is quite far-fetched. Granted, there are increasing numbers of developers originating from this region, but we believe an emphasis should be placed on quality over quantity, which is what we strive to offer. We believe that busy developers, with a history of successful projects, are the developers worth finding and working with.

An inevitable outcome of working with developers on a remote basis is that they are not situated in-house to work with. This might make you think that your company loses control over a project's workflow, and this is also why we place such importance on the communication between all the parties involved in a project - we view speedy and effective communication as fundamental to any working relationship. In light of this misconception, we have ourselves experienced that when a developer is given a project to work on, with clarity on its requirements and objectives, he or she is as committed to working as any in-house employee. Essentially, they are working in the hope that more work follows.

Working with remote developers obviously has its advantages and disadvantages. The majority of the companies we work with have acute development needs but lack the financial means to pursue them with in-house consultants and are, like us, enticed by the cost savings attainable by working with remote developers. Hence our view is that savings of upwards of 60% far outweigh any cons inflicted, particularly when you consider that we guarantee to find the right developer for your company straight away. We would be more than willing to help your company see the many advantages that working with remote developers offers by showing you how we at Proxify have have done it to great success in the past.

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